Ep.13: The DevOps Takeover, featuring Bryan Robison

By Praecipio Consulting on Aug 24, 2021 5:16:33 PM

Hello friends! You are listening to The Digital Transformation(ists) Podcast, where we get curious together about what technology is teaching us about human ingenuity, resilience, and the mysterious force that magnetizes us towards connection with one another. 

I'm Katie Thomas, and together with our host Christian Lane, founding partner of Praecipio Consulting, and our incredible guests, we embark on a journey to better understand technology's role in amplifying connection between us all. We'll hear from technologists, practitioners, revolutionaries, innovators, environmentalists, artists, and more, all sharing their experiences with technology and how it's affected their lives and industries. 

In this episode, we are switching things up, and profiling some of the amazing people that are part of the very special team that makes up Praecipio Consulting. We are thrilled and honored to welcome Bryan Robison, Principal Architect in Tech Delivery. Bryan has been part of the Praecipio Consulting team for more than 7 years. His knowledge of software development is as vast as it's deep, and he brings a wide variety of talents to the team. Bryan's extensive background in technology was ignited when he built a website for his friend's band, way back in 1997. 

Topics: devops service-desk service-management culture podcast

Ep.10: The Skill to Teach, the Will to be Taught, with Daniel Breston

By Christian Lane on Feb 9, 2021 1:06:00 PM

In our tenth episode, we're joined by the multitalented Daniel Breston, author, coach and business continuity specialist that integrates the strengths of Agile, DevOps and ITSM in his professional practice. With more than 40 years living and breathing technology, Daniel has been witness and participant of the radical changes the world has gone through. We talk about his start in IT with gigantic mainframe computers, the benefits of mentorship and coaching in today’s hypercompetitive business world, haggle bots and how AI is transforming human interactions, and how simulations are becoming a valuable tool in the IT arsenal.

Topics: atlassian best-practices business devops change cloud culture itsm digital-transformation mentorship agile podcast

Ep.08: Forecast: Cloud-y with a Chance of Bicycles, with Kelvin Yap

By Christian Lane on Jan 25, 2021 2:21:27 PM

In our eighth episode we are hyped to host Kelvin Yap, Senior Product Marketing Manager and DevOps for Atlassian. We'll hear about his experience working at Atlassian for most of the last decade and the digital transformations he's witnessed while there, how cloud is quickly becoming the new normal, how DevOps is going mainstream driving change and innovation with intention, and the importance of wellness, routine, and connection in 2021, and beyond. Oh, and beautiful, lovely bikes, and where to ride them.

Topics: atlassian best-practices devops marketing cloud culture digital-transformation podcast

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