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Strategic Atlassian Solutions Serve as Building Blocks for Builders

June 20, 2019


Our client, a Top 10 U.S. Homebuilder and Fortune 100 Fastest-Growing company, was looking for help regarding asset management, reporting, and guidance around best practices. There was a great lack of experience for the Admin who oversaw these internal tools, most notably Jira Service Management, with productivity and satisfaction being impacted as a result.


Within every organization, "turnover" is undoubtedly an issue that can cause a slope of disconnect on both a micro and macro level. In this particular case, our client dealt with the pain of bringing in new employees to take ownership of their internal Atlassian ITSM/ITAM tools. These tools were previously implemented with little to no standardization. Jira Service Management had been in use within the organization for several years, but the team did not know how to properly manage or maintain the instance. As one may infer, this created an immense amount of uncertainty and an aversion to address and ultimately proved to be too complex to handle internally.

Seeking help, our client started out engaging with another professional services provider that unfortunately, left them with more questions than answers. Due to their experience working with that professional services provider, we were initially met with some apprehension and general mistrust.


As we engaged through the sales process, we aligned with the client to begin with a low-ask Strategic Solutions Expert (SSE) engagement which would help prove our knowledge, diligence, and trustworthiness to the client.

During the week-long engagement, we met with the client team (Jira Admin and IT Manager) onsite at our home office in Austin.

We walked through their current implementation, discussed suggestions for improvements, and identified/remedied other areas to improve. In addition, we also reviewed their current instance, provided KB (knowledge base) on how-to install add-ons, execute cadences on proper application/data clean-up, and installed EasyBI, Insight, and Insight Discovery.

The engagement would come to a brief pause mid-way through as we discovered that their instance would crash a lot during the process. We met with several of our internal technical resources at Praecipio to discuss possible reasons and solutions. It was found that their garbage collection needed to be tuned immediately so we went into swarm mode and performed a service outside of the general scope to ensure that we'd be able to continue on with the delivery of service.


As a result of this engagement, the client decided to extend more business with us a few months later with an "Ask The Expert" engagement. This was a week-long deep-dive that walked through all of their questions and issues.

The team felt good leaving the week-long engagement with EazyBI reports, Insight, Insight Discovery, a cleaner Jira instance, and plans for moving forward.

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