Team Recap 2024

Praecipio x Atlassian: Team '24 Recap

May 7, 2024

Team '24 was an exciting week for all of us, and we can’t wait to share some of the announcements made during the event. 

Praecipio made an impact with workshops, breakout sessions, and countless on-the-ground connections with familiar faces and new friends.Team24-pics

Our co-hosted Jira Align workshop with Brad Kramer from Atlassian was a hit, helping customers understand the power of Jira Align to connect strategy to execution. If you couldn't make the in-person workshop or are interested in a deeper dive into the content, we'll be hosting a full-length virtual session this summer. Join the wait list here!

Our Breakout Session featuring Michiko Quinones and Amanda Babb shed light on the power of enterprise visibility and real-time reporting to give executives and teams the data they need to make decisions with confidence.

Our demo at the Tempo booth highlighted the value of Tempo to achieve enterprise visibility, harnessing the power of time tracking to deepen executives' understanding of the true cost of work.


Left: Michiko Quinones & Amanda Babb smile for the camera before their breakout session
Middle: The Path to Clarity makes an appearance at the Praecipio booth
Right: Praecipio & Atlassian prepare for our co-hosted Jira Align workshop

We are so grateful for the connections we've made with our customers and for the opportunity to see everyone in person. As always, Atlassian made the most of the week as well, sharing product updates and new features across the whole Atlassian Platform. Check out some of the highlights below:

Praecipio Wins Atlassian Partner of the Year for Agile at Scale Solutions

One of the highlights of the week was the opportunity to celebrate our Atlassian Partner of the Year Award, thanks to the brilliance and dedication of our team, especially Amanda Babb. We got to meet Atlassian founder and co-CEO Scott Farquar, which was a special moment for us all.

Atlassian Announces Atlassian Rovo

Among Atlassian’s biggest announcements was their unveiling of Atlassian Rovo, a new generative AI tool within the Atlassian ecosystem. With Rovo, teams can find information across tools, learn through conversational chat, and take action with virtual agents without leaving their Atlassian tools. 

Atlassian Intelligence is woven into the entire Atlassian platform, and will continue to help teams work more efficiently, leveraging summarization, intelligent prioritization, and automation to eliminate the back-and-forth that eats up time for human agents.

Atlassian announced Instant Service Desks, allowing technical and non-technical teams to set up their own service desk using the power of AI.

Head to this article to learn how Atlassian’s continued investment in AI complements Praecipio’s AI capabilities.

A New Era for Jira

Atlassian's announcement of a new era for Jira is a significant step, as it signifies a strategic shift towards unification across their tools. The integration of Jira Work Management and Jira Software into one system, bolstered by Atlassian’s AI capabilities, not only simplifies the user experience but also enhances the capabilities of these tools. Features such as Lists and Plans allow teams to track progress toward shared goals in one place. 

It’s no surprise that Atlassian is continuing to invest in AI, announcing 30+ new AI features and enhancements to keep your teams moving and delivering legendary service. 

Atlassian Announces Atlassian Guard

Finally, Atlassian announced Guard, an enhanced security offering for the Cloud. Guard combines the beta capabilities of Atlassian Access and Beacon and adds premium features like data classification levels, threat detection, enhanced security alerts, and more.

More Product Updates in the Atlassian Platform

Atlassian had several exciting announcements for products across their platform, from enhanced AI capabilities to integrations between their tools. Atlassian University is now free for everyone, giving you the power to deliver better outcomes at work, empower your teams, and advance your career. Atlassian has introduced 30+ new dashboards for Atlassian Analytics, with more templates and customizations on the way.


In 2023, Atlassian welcomed Loom to their family of products, allowing teams to collaborate asynchronously and eliminating the need for endless meetings. Since introducing Loom, Atlassian says they've eliminated nearly half a million meetings for their teams! Atlassian also announced Loom for Dev Teams, giving developers the ability to create a bug report with a single click.

Jira Product Discovery

The Premium plan for Jira Product Discovery is now live, which gives teams visibility into their work, more control over permissions and access, and enhanced speed with AI capabilities.


Compass, Atlassian's Developer Experience Platform, now integrates with newly-acquired tool Optic to improve processes for API incidents while providing the necessary tools and automation to avoid the incidents in the first place. Teams can now focus more on impactful work and less on updating documentation.

Jira Service Management

The capabilities of Opsgenie, which Atlassian acquired back in 2018, are now available directly inside of Jira Service Management, and are included out-of-the-box with Atlassian Compass.


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