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June 22, 2023

Teams everywhere are experiencing growing pains because of disconnected tools and delayed decision-making, yet customer expectations continue to rise. Enterprise organizations must move with agility and deliver seamless service experiences if they want to meet increasing customer demands. 

This requires a strategic and integrated approach that enables all business teams–not just IT–to move and work within a connected digital ecosystem. For businesses looking to integrate teams and deliver high-velocity service experiences to customers, Jira Service Management offers a solution.

In this article, we take a look at the ways Jira Service Management helps organizations improve their digital ecosystems and enables teams to deliver value faster. We also share demos of how the platform works to unify teams through its endless customization options, efficient ways of working, and improved visibility. 

How Jira Service Management Works

Named a  Leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for IT Service Management Platforms, Atlassian’s Jira Service Management streamlines workflows and enhances the collaboration of developers, IT operators, and other departments within a modern organization. While initially created to support ITSM and DevOps practices, Jira Service Management has grown into a powerful solution for implementing Enterprise Service Management strategies as well. 

More than just a service desk, Jira Service Management incorporates the best of both worlds from Agile and DevOps: work in small batches, eliminate silos, move with agility, and refine business processes to meet teams’ needs. The platform’s no-code/low-code, user-friendly interface, and automation capabilities empower teams to deliver value faster to both employees and customers. 

An Integrated Platform Where All Teams Thrive

According to Connectivity Benchmark Report 2022, the average enterprise has 900 applications, but fewer than 30% of them are integrated. The lack of integration presents a major obstacle for any organization undergoing a business transformation.

Filled with pre-configured projects, task types, and workflows, Jira Service Management serves as an integrated platform where all teams can collaborate, manage incoming service requests, and request support from other departments. 

Here’s a demo that shows how easy it is for users to request service from another team within the organization:


With the ability to integrate with over 1,000 applications in the Atlassian Marketplace, Jira Service Management can be customized to fit any use case and create a connected ecosystem where all teams thrive

Deliver Better Service More Efficiently

How frustrating is it when you have to navigate through multiple systems, screens, and fields to complete a simple task? Technology should help us, not hinder us. There’s no room for this kind of inefficiency in today’s dynamic business landscape.

With its intuitive interface and self-service capabilities, Jira Service Management has everything teams need to work smarter. From assigning and prioritizing tasks to configuring SLAs, Jira Service Management makes it easy for teams to manage work.  

Take a look at how Jira Service Management provides an exceptional user experience for when teams want to see what tasks they have in their queue: 


The ability to see work coming down the pipeline boosts productivity and allows users to deliver better service more efficiently. Don’t believe us?

Jira Service Management’s numbers speak for themselves. According to Forrester’s Total Economic Impact Report, organizations saved $1.4 million in service desk productivity improvements after implementing Jira Service Management. From improved ticket handling, increased collaboration, and enhanced visibility, Jira Service Management’s request and knowledge management capabilities allowed teams to meet service level agreements and provide a better service experience to other teams. 

The Future is Flexible

Flexibility is another one of Jira Service Management’s superpowers. With templates for virtually every use case, Jira Service Management provides a platform for teams to easily set up workflows with a drag-and-drop editor and keep track of the progress of that work. 

Watch how seamless it is for teams to watch their work move through the workflows they’ve created in Jira Service Management:


Additionally, with Jira Service Management's no-code/low-code form builder, users can create dynamic forms tailored to meet each team's unique requirements. Jira Service Management enables teams to quickly set up their instance and hit the ground running to deliver exceptional service experiences. 

Unlock Enterprise Agility With Improved Visibility

Many organizations are stuck using legacy software or have their data living within multiple systems, most of which are poorly connected. That was the case for ACI Worldwide. 

The worldwide leader in electronic payments was using a CRM platform that generated massive overhead costs in licensing, maintenance, and customizations. After making the switch from their legacy software to Jira Service Management, ACI Worldwide saved $4 million in licensing fees and improved service delivery.

From a project overview or ticket status, Jira Service Management brings visibility to work, enabling teams to easily gather what they need and move with agility. Because Jira Service Management brings together data and users onto a unified platform, teams collaborate better and have visibility into the real-time insights they need to resolve issues and make data-driven decisions. 

Let’s take the use case of asset management as an example. This demo shows how you can manage your organization’s assets with Jira Service Management:


When Jira Service Management is integrated with Atlassian’s Assets tool, teams can track their assets and configuration items and gain visibility into their interdependencies. Functioning like a database that stores everything you own (from software licenses to hardware), Assets provides teams with valuable context into how company resources relate to projects, service requests, incidents, and other issues.

Having this information readily available makes it easy for teams to quickly find what they're looking for and make decisions that move the organization’s asset management strategy forward. 

Connect Your Teams With Jira Service Management

Providing excellent service experiences for your customers and employees means bringing your teams together on a single, integrated platform like Jira Service Management. 

As an Atlassian Specialized Partner in ITSM, Praecipio has helped hundreds of businesses–from small startups to Fortune 5 companies– improve their service experiences with Jira Service Management. Our team crafts the ideal combination of best practices and custom Jira Service Management configurations so that your organization achieves connectivity, responsiveness, and efficiency. 

Watch this webinar where our experts share how Jira Service Management frees up time and resources for your teams. You can also read our whitepaper, Enterprise Service Management: A Core Pillar to Business Transformation, and learn about Jira Service Management’s financial impact.

Ready to start your journey with Jira Service Management? Contact us to find out more about how we can help your organization modernize operations and improve your digital ecosystem.

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