Praecipio Is 2023 Agile at Scale Sulutions Partner of the Year

Praecipio Wins 2023 Atlassian Partner of the Year: Agile at Scale Solutions

April 30, 2024

Since becoming an Atlassian Agile at Scale specialized partner in 2022, we’ve been laser-focused on helping the world’s leading brands achieve every dimension of enterprise agility, from strategy to the people, process, and technology necessary to execute that strategy.

In our relentless pursuit to build connected enterprises, we approach things a little differently. We’re not afraid to call out the industry for outdated ways of thinking and tell our customers what they need to hear when no one else will tell them. We dig deeper into our customers' business cases to uncover the root of their problems and deliver solutions to fix business processes, improve efficiency, and help them tap into their Big Dashboard Energy

We do what we do so the world's brightest minds can focus on solving bigger problems, like building the cars of the future, curing diseases, advancing space exploration, and keeping books in the hands of young learners

When We Win, You Win

Praecipio’s recognition as a partner of the year for Agile at Scale Solutions is not just an award - it’s a testament to the impact of our work and it’s just the beginning. 

With this award, we’re more energized than ever to continue our mission. “We are thrilled to recognize some of our top partners by celebrating award finalists this year. These partners continue to provide cutting-edge solutions and Atlassian services across the globe,” said Ko Mistry, Head of Global Channels at Atlassian. 

As Praecipio continues to expand our global impact, our focus will remain on leveraging your suite of tools to facilitate enterprise-wide agility and drive business outcomes. We’re committed to keep empowering the brightest minds to focus on what they do best: innovate

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