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Intranet Overhaul for Design Software Company Improves User Experience

May 14, 2020


Our client, a leading multinational company that creates software for 3D design, engineering, and entertainment, had an ongoing project to redesign and improve their internal wiki site, which was supported by Atlassian's Confluence. Our client's needs focused on a specific platform division within their organization, which would benefit from an overhaul of their current information architecture. 

Before our engagement, the client had identified the following enhancements that they wanted to make to the site:

  • Home Page design
  • Newsletter archive
  • Onboarding Home Page for new employees
  • Setup of new site structure, templates, and landing pages


Our client's existing project space for their wiki site only used a simple tab format for organization and lacked standardization and structure. They also had no templates in place and did they utilize labels for search and information aggregation. The setup did not feel intuitive nor was it easy navigate, not to mention it was unclear which resources belonged to what teams. This resulted in team members not having easy access to information, which caused delays in project execution and affected their operations in the long-term.

Furthermore, our client lacked the knowledge and dedicated resources to manage and architect changes associated with their Atlassian product, Confluence. Much of their in-house experience and lead organizational knowledge existed in Sharepoint.

In addition to these challenges, the client's Program Manager had initially mentioned that our efforts would serve only seven unique platform teams. However, during the discovery process, we learned that the current platform team infrastructure consisted of more than seven teams and that there were actually sub-teams within those teams, resulting in more organizational complexity than we had anticipated.


The Praecipio delivery team dedicated three weeks to execute and complete this project, which consisted of the discovery process and respective buildout of their internal wiki site.

Throughout the engagement, our team facilitated meetings with relevant stakeholders to understand team structure and baseline needs, sharing all ideas and suggestions for the Home Page design with the Program Manager.

We started with a clean Home Page design and developed the site map during the first week. Through daily iterations with the client's Subject Matter Expert (SME), along with the Program Manager, we worked together to conceptualize and align on UI/UX design, which was highly important for the trade dress of their organization. During the subsequent weeks, we started including the 17+ unique platform team stakeholders to further understand existing processes and relevant information so we could incorporate these elements into the architecture of their site.

Iterations of testing followed, with our team developing site mapping, onboarding architecture, runbooks, permission schemes, in addition to implementing Brikit: Theme Press and executing the knowledge transfer to the appropriate stakeholders and power-users.


Our delivery team was able to successfully transform 19 landing pages, which included onboarding, development, the architecture of labels, and Brikit: Theme Press for UI design and format. Our client expressed extreme gratitude towards our delivery team, as they were able to successfully take their online presence to the next level by having a clean interface that unified multiple teams through organizational structure and information accessibility, in addition to providing improved visibility to their leadership team.

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