Maximizing Business Value with Atlassian Cloud

August 2, 2021

Cloud is the place to be as organizations look to stay agile and resilient in today’s digital economy; however, transitioning to cloud infrastructure is a highly complex and challenging operation that requires significant investment. Join our webinar, where we explore why it’s important to involve diverse teams—from HR, Marketing, Finance, and beyond— in your migration strategy and how this operating model enables organizations to optimize cloud resources and spending.

Hosted by Praecipio's Operations Manager, Suze Treacy, she provides you with an in-depth look at how Atlassian is re-inventing the cloud experience to help teams focus on the work that matters most. Drawing from her years of experience with cloud migrations, Suze shares tips for how to determine your cloud readiness and best practices for preparing your teams for a move to Atlassian Cloud.