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Transportation Company Moves from a Homemade System to Atlassian

February 14, 2019


Learn how Praecipio successfully assisted an American freight carrier and transportation company with their transition from a home-grown ITSM system to the Atlassian toolsuite.

Praecipio's active client recently upgraded and restructured their Jira application. This was their tool of choice for project and issue tracking to support their internal business process functions. However, due to the growing demand of their business, they were in need of a lightweight, dependable, and scalable service solution. They also needed to factor in an Asset Management solution.

Logistics just happened to be their business industry and the logistics of the Atlassian tool suite would prove to be monumental for their internal ITS team. This team was responsible for making the move from their home-grown systems that supported internal time-tracking, project intake, and service management.


Since our client was deprecating tools they were accustomed to using, there was a mutual consensus to take advantage of the Atlassian tool suite that came with out-of-the-box capabilities: light customization, and at an accelerated pace. Due to the time sensitivity, it was important that Praecipio came up with a plan to meet the intricate details involving such a critical move, and would not interrupt or compromise their day-to-day operations.

Aside from the general challenge of consulting, we also understood that implementing a new tool set would be met with confusion, anxiety, unknowns and many other adjectives that could describe imminent change. Timing and close attention to detail were constants that would need to be consistently executed by us to formulate success.


As mentioned previously, our main goals were to successfully implement a solution that would address and enhance our client's internal time-tracking, project intake, and service management with the least amount of friction. The implementation could be classified as a mix of greenfield and brownfield, due to the majority of the supporting software applications needing to be purchased and some that were already in place.

We outlined the following points that needed to be included into the accelerated engagement:

  • Purchase licensing for Jira Service Management and Insight by Riada
  • Implement Jira Service Management and Confluence via a Praecipio Accelerator design, integration and configuration
  • Implement Insight by Riada
  • Provide Basic User and Administrative training for: Jira Service Management and Insight

Because our client was active with prior engagements, there were a few items that took place previously (SDLC Accelerator) that would help pave the way for us to implement the ITSM Accelerator Solution. This solution included pre-built, integrated frameworks based on ITSM/ITIL best principles and practices. This encompassed internal Service Requests, Incident Management, and Project Requests as well as Human Resource On-boarding/Off-boarding Management to support the full cycle of service.

Implementing the Insight Management add-on to Jira addressed our client's CMDB needs as we were able to connect Insight to their Active Directory and use custom fields to gather employee contact and hierarchy information to connect with supporting objects for Asset Management.

As an ending mark to our Accelerator solution, knowledge transfer, Basic Admin training (Jira Service Desk & Insight), and User Acceptance Testing (UAT), provided our clients with the repetition, look, and feel with the new applications.


We were successful in the setup of our client's Atlassian tool-set that fully supported their SDLC and ITSM processes. Since the engagement, our client has joined the other 80% of our repeat client base by reaching out to further utilize Praecipio as a resource for continuous internal process improvement.

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