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Leading Healthcare Company Scales Agile Practices with the Atlassian Platform

July 20, 2020


In the ever-changing world of IT, an organization's ability to perform cross-functionally and manage work to meet business demands is imperative to overall business success. A leading healthcare company that partners with other healthcare, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies needed guidance on how to leverage their Atlassian tools to implement Agile methodologies. Upon initial deployment of the Atlassian platform, our client leveraged out-of-the-box functionalities, which had worked in the short term. However, they lacked the scalability they needed as priorities shifted toward broader organizational goals, which included implementing Agile-at-Scale.


As with many organizations that we have engaged with, our client knew that their Atlassian tools had the potential to scale their business processes, but they needed guidance on how to leverage those tools to support Agile practices and their growing business.  


Praecipio engaged in a three-week Agile Process Assessment, which focused on evaluating their processes, Atlassian product usage, and what tools supported Agile processes.

The Agile Process Assessment consisted of on-site and virtual meetings with various groups, such as Scrum Masters, Tech Leads, Infrastructure, QA, and Finance, to name a few. During these meetings, each group shared their current processes and how they interact with the Atlassian products. Based on these interviews, we provided the teams with a comprehensive document that mapped out challenges and recommendations for how to implement Agile-at-Scale.


The document we shared with the healthcare company included:

  • An outline of how to plan in an Agile manner by leveraging Aha! and Jira
  • Aligning Product Verticals and general services to Jira Projects
  • Analysis of current issue types and workflows and recommendations for ease-of-use
  • Configuration changes that will provide better reporting from Jira
  • How to best leverage Confluence to support products and teams
  • End-user training that would be beneficial for teams
  • Additional considerations such as hosting options and ongoing outside support
  • A roadmap identifying which action items our client should work on first based on their strategic objectives

The healthcare organization now had a clear vision and prioritized roadmap of how to scale Agile principles. What would have taken the client 8-12 months to complete internally, we were able to get done in just three weeks. We were able to give them back 92% of their time, which had a significant impact on full-time employee hours and how resources were spent. 

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