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Mergers & Acquisitions IT Checklist

Praecipio Mergers & Acquisitions IT Checklist


Achieve Post-Merger Integration Success

Congratulations on ushering in this new chapter! Whether you've merged with another organization, acquired one, or been acquired, there's a lot of exciting growth and new opportunities that await.

One area you don’t want to overlook is the IT integration strategy, which often takes a back seat to operational and financial due diligence. When only 14% of organizations experience success with their M&A deal, an integrated technology strategy that aligns tools, processes, and people is critical. This means that your IT department should be involved in every stage of the M&A process.

Successfully integrating IT operations is challenging and requires careful planning, collaboration, and honest strategic and technical conversations. That's where Praecipio comes in. After helping several enterprise organizations merge their IT environments, we’ve put together a merger and acquisition due diligence checklist to set you up for success with the integration process.

From consolidating platforms to bridging cultural gaps, our Mergers and Acquisitions IT Checklist is designed to jumpstart your post-merger integration, helping you go from a successful M&A deal to building a connected enterprise.


Included in this Checklist

Access our comprehensive resource for a detailed checklist that covers the essentials for effective merger and acquisition integration. You’ll find an editable checklist that can be converted and printed as a PDF so you can track your progress. You also have the option to upload our .csv file into your Jira instance for a seamless integration project kickoff.

  •   Enterprise Portfolio Management
  •  Enterprise Data Analytics
     Enterprise SDLC / PDLC
  •  Enterprise Resource & Capacity Management
  •  License Management
  •  Technology Stack Rationalization
     SaaS Catalog Itemization
  •  Atlassian Organizational Change Management

What You'll Get

Complete the form to access these essential resources designed to streamline your project management and integration processes.

  •   Excel Project Spreadsheet
  •  Importable Jira CSV
     Interactive-to-Print PDF

Heading for Divestiture?

If you're striking out on your own or planning to divest business units, this checklist is essential for navigating the IT due diligence process. Curious about how Praecipio has facilitated IT operations divestiture and carved new paths forward? Dive into the case studies below to discover strategies for aligning IT operations post-divestiture.

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