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Somalogic Accelerates Growth with Atlassian System Upgrade & Streamlined License Management

May 31, 2022
  • COMPANY: Somalogic
  • INDUSTRY: Biotechnology
  • LOCATION: Boulder, CO
  • SOLUTIONS: Atlassian Upgrade, License Management


SomaLogic is the industry-leading proteomics solution provider and a clinical diagnostics company that offers the most comprehensive proteome platform.

Over the past few years, SomaLogic has managed important business initiatives and projects using Atlassian tools like Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket. User adoption was high, teams were sprinting, and growth was accelerating. But there was a problem: their Atlassian software was outdated by a couple of years and when critical software falls behind on upgrades, it hinders fast teams and even faster breakthroughs. 


The thing with software—not just Atlassian—is that missing even a minor version upgrade can be disastrous. What usually starts as systems slowing down can snowball into data corruption and security vulnerabilities.

SomaLogic’s Atlassian applications were a major version behind. These version upgrades covered many security patches, features, and performance enhancements. Unfortunately, since the IT department was managing everything internally, they didn’t have the time to do routine software upgrades.

Additionally, SomaLogic was paying for Atlassian applications and add-on licenses on many separate invoices throughout the year. Therefore, they needed a licensing strategy to help them manage all permits and consolidate everything into one annual payment.


SomaLogic brought on Praecipio as a trusted Atlassian Solution Partner to help guide them through their system upgrade and to streamline their licensing management. With our proven methodology for Atlassian system upgrades, we developed a simple yet impactful solution to help the software and teams get up to speed again.

We conducted a system assessment to identify unusual configurations and collect data to drive license consolidation and tool upgrades, ensuring the latest versions were in use across the board. To assist with future upgrades and ensure their teams unlock the full power of their Atlassian platform, we also created a best practice guide to help them manage their tools internally and standardize the process for upgrades.


With Praecipio's help, SomaLogic upgraded its Atlassian platform and streamlined company-wide license installations. As a result, the healthcare company experienced a more efficient system upgrade process and was more equipped to tackle even more initiatives with their Atlassian platform, creating more opportunities to enable innovation. 

As an Atlassian Platinum Partner with 16+ years of experience, we get to the root of a company's problems so that we can help them deliver greater business value and accelerate growth by bringing together the right tools, apps, and customer-focused processes.

Is outdated software slowing down your teams and innovation? Get in touch with us today for a free consultation.

This case study was provided by the 6kites team, which Praecipio acquired in 2022. To learn more about the acquisition, check out our press release.

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