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SAFe® Lean Budgets: Implementing SAFe® Lean Budgets with Jira Align

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Are Atlassian Tools Compatible with the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®)?

Is your organization struggling to scale beyond a single team? Are Atlassian tools flexible enough to collaborate across your multiple agile teams? Here at Praecipio, we've proven to many organizations that Atlassian can support SAFe® for both planning and execution. 

Download our whitepaper for an in-depth look at how Praecipio addresses whether or not Atlassian tools can support all aspects of SAFe®, including a Lean Budgets model.

When you combine the strength of the teams, the rituals in different Agile frameworks, and the simplicity of the reporting, Jira Align is a powerful tool to manage Agile teams.
Amanda Babb, CSM, SPC6, Principal Solutions Architect

Better business outcomes

SAFe® with Praecipio

Praecipio has supported hundreds of enterprise clients in helping them scale their businesses and achieve better business outcomes through our strong knowledge of the scaled agile framework (SAFe®). Atlassian has also selected Praecipio as one of the few partners to include Jira Align in our portfolio of integrated business solutions.

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