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Everything to Know About The Atlassian Cloud Admin Panel

March 7, 2024

The end of life for Atlassian’s Server products has come and gone. Unless you have been living under a rock for the last four years, you know about Atlassian’s journey to becoming a cloud-first company. Atlassian is adapting to the future of digital experiences, which makes sense since Gartner predicts that by 2028, more than 50% of enterprises will use cloud platforms to accelerate their business initiatives. 

By now, you already know the benefits of moving to the cloud: scalability, reduced overhead costs, improved performance, elimination of infrastructure maintenance, and the list goes on. However, one of the benefits that’s not often discussed is the use of Atlassian’s Cloud Admin Panel and how it enhances the user experience by providing a central place to manage your cloud instance. 

Take a Tour of The Atlassian Cloud Admin Panel

Accessible to administrators, the Atlassian Cloud Admin Panel offers a centralized hub with a wide range of tools and settings to configure, customize, and optimize your Atlassian Cloud environment. Let’s take a tour of the Atlassian Cloud Admin Panel and show you the powerful features it offers to streamline administration and enhance your cloud experience.


The Directory section of the panel allows you to give and manage product access to individuals or groups. You also have visibility into your total number of users, including the number of active users and admins. 



As the name suggests, the Products section gives you an overview of all your Atlassian Cloud products, including Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and anything else on your cloud instance. It also controls what their subscription plan is and how many users you have for each product. In this section, you can also manage access and many changes for all products in your organization. Seamlessly navigate between products and tailor settings that are specific to each tool.



Safeguarding your data and ensuring compliance is paramount. From authentication policies to audit logs and data residency, this section includes all the tools you need to manage your organization’s security and safeguard your instance.



Providing similar visibility to the product section, get an overview of all your products and app subscriptions. This section also displays your billing information and enables you to seamlessly manage your billing cycles



Similar to how your smartphone works, The Settings panel is where you can really fine-tune your platform according to your organization’s needs. Here is where you can change your organization’s name, transfer products to another organization, claim your company’s cloud site domain, and connect your cloud and self-managed products. 

In Settings, you can also activate Atlassian Intelligence for your products and review privacy and security protections like HIPAA. One of the new subsections added to Settings is Data Management, which is a collection of tools that enables you to manage your product data from one place and set up sandbox environments where you can test out new features. 


Customize Your Cloud Experience

The Atlassian Cloud Admin Panel provides a comprehensive and user-friendly interface for administrators to configure and optimize the cloud environment. From user management to security, billing, and advanced customization, this centralized hub empowers organizations to tailor their entire cloud-based Atlassian tool stack to meet the unique needs of their teams. 

So, why does all of this matter? Well, it depends. If you are already on Atlassian Cloud, you’ll have a cloud site administrator at the helm managing the admin panel. (Side note: Check out the 12 must-have apps for a thriving Atlassian Cloud instance.)

If you haven’t migrated yet, this tour shows you the difference between how things are managed in the cloud vs. when you are self-hosted on Data Center or the now-obsolete Atlassian Server products. When you migrate to Atlassian Cloud, someone at your organization may need to take up the mantle of “Atlassian Cloud Org Administrator”, where no such title existed before. The good news is that the Cloud Admin Panel provides a centralized place for managing all things related to your instance, so the new position should be an easy one to fill. 

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