Jira vs. Confluence: Which is Right for Your Team?

November 18, 2021
Martin Spears

Jira and Confluence are just two pieces of the Atlassian suite and they're some of the most recognizable tools for IT and business teams across all industries. Because they are both so flexible, versatile, and user-friendly, the use cases that organizations could come up with are endless. When deciding which tool is right for your team, it depends on the need you are trying to meet.

How would you answer this question? It would be great if my team could _______.

Here are some answers we've heard from customers in the past and the solution we would suggest: 

Business Need Jira Confluence
Easily Share Information
Track Our Work  
Create Content
Provide Support


What sort of team is a good fit for Jira?

Jira can be leveraged for just about any team that is managing work or projects.  Jira can be adapted to just about any business process in any industry.  There are several Jira products to choose from depending on the type of work you are managing.  At Praecipio, we have used Jira to implement process solutions for clients across many functions, such as Marketing, Legal, HR, Software, IT, Accounting, and the list keeps going. 

The point is that if you are trying to keep track of work items, Jira can be the right tool for you.  Jira also integrates well with lots of other applications, enabling you to customize solutions based on what is best for helping your team get work done.  If interested in reading more about this, check out our case study, World's Largest Beverage and Brewing Company Migrates to Atlassian ITSM Platform.  

What sort of teams should use Confluence?

Confluence is a wiki-style knowledge-sharing tool.  Confluence can be used to create, store, and share documentation for your organization.  Any team that wants to benefit from easily sharing knowledge about tools and projects can benefit from using Confluence.  At Praecipio, we use Confluence to create templates for standardized project documentation.  We use these templates to create process designs, diagrams, marketing content, etc.  We also share documentation around company benefits and how-to articles for many of the things we need to be able to do as employees. 

Confluence makes it easy to create, organize, and share information.  If interested in reading more about this, check out our case study, Intranet Overhaul for Design Software Company Results in Improved User Experience.

So, which one is right for you?

You can choose either Jira or Confluence based on your team's needs, but you don't have to choose just one.  These are complementary products that are designed to be integrated with each other.  You can use Confluence to track new product requirements and when integrated with Jira, you can turn those requirements into user stories for your development team.  When working on an issue in Jira, you can easily reference and link to a how-to article in Confluence. 

The best thing to do is take advantage of how easy it is to sign up and try the applications.  Get one or both applications and test them out to see if they work for you.  Take a look at this case study about a client in the gaming industry: Gaming Company "Stays in the Game" by Improving Usage of Atlassian Products. 

Our team offers a variety of Product Services to ensure that your team can be using these tools as effectively as possible to meet your goals. 

If you aren't sure how you would answer the question above or your situation is a bit more complex: let's talk. Praecipio has years of experience creating solutions and building environments that help businesses optimize and plan for the future.

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