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Gaming Company 'Stays in the Game' with Atlassian Products

January 19, 2021


With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, some industries like gaming saw a significant spike in demand for their services and products as people's lifestyles changed. Our client, a GaaS (Game-as-a-Service) company, needed an expedited solution for taking full advantage of their current Atlassian tools so that they could adapt to the new business landscape.


Our client was already using Confluence Cloud, Jira Software Cloud, and Advanced Roadmaps for Jira Cloud. High-level management felt the company wasn't getting all the key results and benefits from these Atlassian products and wanted to ensure the entire organization would use the aforementioned applications to track, visualize, and complete work according to streamlined processes. 


We engaged to help them extend and refine their use of Confluence and Jira Software to encompass the entire company, identify best practices, and implement some of those practices. The engagement would consist of two consecutive weeks of consultations, modifications, and recommendations for a path forward revolving around their identified needs in tandem with our findings during the engagement. 

Since this was a general engagement, priorities changed frequently. We did implement several improvements to their Jira configuration and the links between it and their Confluence instance. Our client fell into the SMB (Small-to-Medium) size category, consisting of 25 total employees, six teams, and one huge company-wide workflow diagram that they followed prior to our engagement. The gaming company consisted of two SMEs, with one working several hours each day in 1:1 fashion.

Our engagement model would follow one general session and as-needed sessions with team/department leads, which were held on a daily basis throughout the entire engagement. There were several ah-ha! moments during the opening session with all department heads. Several people realized what they were producing and where they were delivering it either wasn't what the down-stream department needed or wasn't where they could easily access it.

The engagement would prove to be focused on not only how the departments in the company worked but how they suffered from disparate forms of collaboration and ineffective communication amongst one another. We were successful in assisting the documentation of that process, along with standardizing frameworks on how the departments would interact with each other going forward in regards to tools, methods, and content.


While the client derived significant value from better application of the tools, the key takeaway was the development of a workflow diagram that showed how work flowed from the original idea to the delivered product, with the input needs and the work-product documented at every stage. This helped departments like marketing define development and product ownership and what they needed (and when) in order to put together an effective marketing plan for the new game engine feature or a new game being on-boarded. The engagement ended with a solid foundation of improvements and a list of more they planned to implement themselves.
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