Customized Training Program for Enterprise Multinational Retailer

January 20, 2021


No matter the industry or size of an organization, it is vital that businesses understand the importance of the user adoption process and the integral roles that technology and operations have in carrying out day-to-day business functions. Our client, a leading multinational retailer, needed to create a customized training program specifically for their teams in international markets. They required training content at both the team and management levels that focused on Agile, Jira and their in-house tools, Team Rosters and Roadmap. The curriculum not only had to be comprehensive in order to educate team members about these enterprise tools and share best practices, but the delivery had to be concise as well. We worked with the retail giant over a two-week period to determine the training content, program structure, delivery methods, as well as defining specific exercises for the modules and building out Lab Workbooks.


Prior to teaming up with Praecipio, our client used two tools that they  developed internally to provide company-wide visibility of people and statuses. They utilized Team Rosters as a GUI to show which teams and strategic initiatives a  person would be allocated to specifically. Roadmap provided executive leadership  status updates based on these allocations, as well as the status of ongoing work  within Enterprise Jira.

In order to design a comprehensive training program, our team had to understand not only how Team Rosters and Roadmap operate, but also identify the key pain points when working with these tools. Additionally, we discovered there were two separate audiences for training: team members and managers, with each group having a  specific set of responsibilities within the tools to ensure data quality.

During the first week, we defined the audiences, determined the flow and order of the training content, and identified key concepts with the Product Managers.

The client’s team also provided us with a template to structure the training deck  visually for non-native English speaking audiences.

At the end of the second week, we presented the content to the Product Managers, along with our Principal Product Manager’s supervisor, so that we could take their feedback into account before finalizing the training program. 


Ultimately, we created a comprehensive training deck that included demonstrations  and hands-on exercises for the audience. We also provided our client with a Lab  Workbook for audience members to log in and navigate Enterprise Jira, Team Rosters, and Roadmap. For transparency and organization, we designed three separate training decks:

  1. Enterprise Tools for Teams
  2. Enterprise Tools for Managers
  3. Resource Deck ( to cover all topics)

The training content was created to subsequently be delivered to five enterprise-level international markets that included: Latin America, Canada, China, India, and the UK, which encompasses 65 locations and over 1300 trainees in nine different countries.

Our Principal Product Manager was not only pleased with the program and the support we provided, but he was also impressed with the design and layout of the content.

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