5 Examples of Poorly Managed ESM and How to Fix It

February 9, 2023

As if growing customer demands and the rise of distributed teams didn’t present enough challenges for businesses, increased economic uncertainty has only added more pressure to generate efficiencies. Service management sits at the center of meeting customer expectations and optimizing resources, but only when implemented properly and supported by the right technology.

Legacy service management solutions have left organizations dealing with inflated costs, disconnected teams, and inefficient service delivery. To keep pace with the speed of business, organizations are looking to adopt Enterprise Service Management (ESM) practices. To do so, they must make the switch from legacy ITSM tools to more modern solutions that bring people and processes together.

Creating a Universal System of Connected Work

Named a Leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for IT Service Management Platforms, Jira Service Management (JSM) is Atlassian’s modern service management solution that unites development, IT operations, and business teams on an integrated platform to accelerate work, eliminate silos, and deliver high-velocity service experiences.

Jira Service Management is the fastest-growing ITSM product for the second year in a row, with over 45,000 customers leveraging the platform to power their organizations’ internal and external service delivery. The reason for such tremendous growth comes down to Atlassian’s substantial investments in the ITSM space – especially their recent acquisitions of tools like Insight, OpsGenie, ProForma, and Halp – making JSM a central hub for requests, incident reports, configuration, and asset management. 

Our recent whitepaper, Enterprise Service Management: A Core Pillar to Business Transformation, explores how Jira Service Management provides a platform for connected teams, improved visibility and accelerated workflows. It also presents quantifiable data on Jira Service Management’s financial impact. 

Implement ESM the Right Way

Like with most strategies, they look good on paper until it’s time to actually execute them. One of the main reasons businesses fail to extend ITSM capabilities beyond IT is because they’re trying to do so with an outdated legacy system.

To understand the negative impact of poorly executed ESM strategies, we explore examples of organizations big and small that addressed operational challenges with Jira Service Management. All of the organizations partnered with Praecipio to ensure that Jira Service Management was configured in a way that set them up for success with implementing ESM practices. 

How ACI Worldwide Saved $4 Million with Jira Service Management

ACI Worldwide, a global leader in mission-critical payment software, used a major Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform to implement ESM practices. Not only did this platform not align with the organization’s business needs, it generated massive overhead costs in licensing, maintenance and customizations. 

In order to standardize workflows and improve service delivery across the enterprise, ACI Worldwide made the switch from their legacy CRM platform to Jira Service Management. With over 4,000 employees in 34 countries and handling $14 trillion in transactions per day, the payment provider needed a platform that connected their distributed teams and could scale with their growing organization.

After completing the ESM implementation, the worldwide leading enterprise improved service delivery and operational efficiency across all departments, saving them $4 million in licensing fees year-over-year.

Modernizing Operations with a Nationally-Ranked Private University

Struggling with impossible-to-update legacy software and a scattered ticketing system, a nationally-ranked private university needed a modern service management solution that allowed them to track a variety of requests–from facilities to equipment–across the university. 

Their legacy ticketing system lacked reporting and search capabilities, and upgrading meant risking the entire system breaking down. Additionally, while tickets transferred from one queue to another, the information in their custom fields did not. Investing in upgrading their legacy system just didn’t make sense financially.. 

After evaluating various service management tools, they ultimately decided on the flexible, user-friendly Jira Service Management because of its superior UX and endless customization options. 

Service requesters enjoyed Jira Service Management’s easy-to-use interface and service teams appreciated how workflows were streamlined with dashboards and queues created to optimize prioritization and organization. 

Enabling Faster Innovation at Crocs

When world-famous shoemaker Crocs sought to improve its innovation workflows, they turned to Jira Service Management. 

Previously, Crocs used Google Forms to provide a product-intake channel where anyone on the team could submit innovation ideas or report bugs. The product manager would then review these inputs and create Jira tickets for the development teams, but this manual process slowed down the innovation process. 

After implementing Jira Service Management, the process between ideation and development moved faster. Simultaneously, now that project managers were able to track tickets, they could quickly gain valuable insight into workflows and were able to focus on more high-priority tasks. 

Small Team, Big Results With Jira Service Management

A local utility company was struggling to meet SLAs and implement an asset management strategy that supported their long-term vision. Not only did they have a small-but-mighty team servicing the entire organization, they used several disparate tools to manage and track service requests, incidents, employee onboarding/offboarding issues, and computer inventory.

After considering different service management platforms, they decided to go with Jira Service Management because of the tool’s ability to provide teams with a single source of truth and enable seamless service experiences.

The utility provider implemented a pre-defined framework based on ITIL best practices with the support of Jira Service Management, and this resulted in streamlined processes and improved SLAs.

How the World’s Largest Beverage and Brewing Company Got Rid of Excel Spreadsheets

Operating on a legacy service desk, the world’s largest beverage and brewing company struggled to keep up with increasing ticket volume, meet SLAs and triage incoming work. The legacy system also did not offer self-service options to support customers, retail and distribution vendors, or employees. 

Additionally, the beverage company managed their resources with spreadsheets and different databases, an impossible feat with over 30,000 employees and more than one million company assets to keep track of. 

To overcome these challenges and properly implement ESM best practices, the beverage corporation turned to Jira Service Management. Atlassian’s powerful service management platform provided the multinational company with a self-service portal and knowledge base capabilities needed to automate processes and improve service levels.

Jira Service Management also supported 750 agents and 20,000 users in delivering high-velocity service experiences when handling more than 4,000 daily service requests. With JSM, the organization was able to effectively manage and make better decisions regarding their company assets.

How Can My Organization Adopt ESM Practices?

Legacy systems have fallen behind the demands of today’s hyper-competitive and uncertain business environment. These outdated technologies no longer serve organizations looking to modernize ways of working, optimize resources, and put the service experience at the forefront of their operations. 

As an Atlassian Platinum Solution partner, Praecipio has helped hundreds of organizations–from small startups to Fortune 5 companies– improve visibility and connectivity with our Jira Service Management implementations. We tailor Jira Service Management to work for your organization by combining ideal ESM practices with custom configurations that enable your teams to focus on the work that matters most. 

Ready to start your journey with Jira Service Management? No matter the size of your company, Praecipio can help your organization leverage ITSM capabilities across the entire organization.

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