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The Modern Approach for Cloud Resilience

Praecipio + Revyz, Co-Hosted Webinar



What is Data Resiliency in the Cloud?

When data is available and recoverable in the face of disruption or system failure.


Discover Best Practices for Jira Cloud, Server and Data Center

Protecting business-critical apps and strengthening data resiliency is imperative. Jira is a critical business tool for thousands of global organizations focused on delivering value to their customers. Considering and preparing for an outage, deletion, or cybersecurity risk is essential to keeping mission-critical operations on track. Atlassian no longer supports Server products, so a robust cloud migration and resilience plan can help your IT Ops, DevOps, and Jira Admins keep pace by continuing to refresh their understanding of what resilience means.

In this webinar, you'll hear from Praecipio's Head of Digital Technology, Christopher Pepe, Data Security and Backup Expert Vish Reddy, and Oscar Hernandez from our client Backroads, about how data resiliency best practices need to shift with the times.

See the full Backroads case study here.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Discover what Atlassian Server end-of-life means for your data security
  • Learn about data resiliency on both Jira Data Center and Cloud deployments
  • Learn how to devise a step-by-step data resiliency strategy, including the changes you need to make to your Jira infrastructure
  • Walk through a data resiliency self-audit checklist for your own Jira instance
  • Ask your data resiliency questions
You don't have time to learn this lesson the hard way. Attendees will gain access to the data resilience self-audit checklist and the full recording of this session to refer back to when the time is right.
Christopher Pepe

SVP, Head of Digital Technology | Praecipio



Vish Reddy

Co-Founder | Revyz



Oscar Hernandez

IT Manager | Backroads