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Healthcare Enterprise Optimizes Atlassian Stack to Improve Data Management

May 7, 2019


A common issue that large organizations face is they invest in a platform, but they fail to set up proper governance, connect their tools with their processes, and invest in training their people. This leads to a lack of adoption and creates enterprise silos working with disconnected tools.

Our client, a national healthcare organization, needed a solution that enabled them to optimize their Atlassian tools for connecting teams and supporting their unique business needs. They also needed their tools set up for capturing, sharing, and analyzing data related to metrics like office visits, prescriptions, and appointments and how that data ties back to financial impact. 

The healthcare enterprise partnered with Praecipio to provide a strategic roadmap for configuring its tools to streamline data management, facilitate cross-team collaboration, and maximize the value of their Atlassian investment.


The organization used a combination of Atlassian tools, including Jira Software, Confluence, and Bitbucket. Instead of investing in training and tailoring these tools to support each team's unique ways of working, the healthcare company implemented a one-size-fits-all solution. This presented several limitations and challenges for teams, like not having the ability to make configuration changes, tracking work at the team level was difficult, and they had no visibility into the progress of work. 


During the two-week engagement, Praecipio interviewed various stakeholders to identify the pain points and limitations. We also shared insight into how we helped previous healthcare clients improve their experience with the Atlassian tools. From there, our team provided tailored recommendations to help the client address the challenges they faced with their tools, which included detailed documentation on how to modify workflows for each issue type and improve workflows at the team level. 


Now that the healthcare company's financial team has a clear understanding of how their tools work, they have enhanced enterprise visibility into the right data to make confident decisions. Instead of wasting time figuring out how to make their tools work for them, Praecipio created customized configurations that kept work flowing freely, which resulted in a better user experience for employees, the elimination of enterprise silos, and most importantly, more time to focus on delivering better healthcare experiences. 

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