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Why Your Spreadsheets are Slowing You Down

May 30, 2023

Jira Align Enables Data-Driven Decision-Making

If you’re trying to grow and scale your business with spreadsheets, this strategy won’t get you very far. Planning and executing your strategy is challenging enough, so why use technology that makes it even more difficult? After all, your technology should make your job easier, not harder.

To keep up with the current business environment, you need a dynamic enterprise tool that aggregates work being done across all levels of the organization. Teams need a way to show key stakeholders what they’re working on and leaders need to know how that work impacts business strategy. 

Enter Jira Align, Atlassian’s solution for bridging the gap between strategy and execution with data-driven insights. Jira Align is a powerful platform that increases visibility, coordination, and adaptability across an organization’s people, processes, and technology.

Jira Align makes it easier for teams to manage and communicate their work to leadership. On the flip side, the platform’s capability to show real-time data enables key stakeholders to understand how work tracks against strategic outcomes. This allows for all-around better decision-making regarding how an organization allocates its resources. 

If you want to know more about Jira Align’s data visualization capabilities, we teamed up with Atlassian and hosted a Team Talk webinar. Together we explored how Jira Align enables the data-driven decision-making that is key to aligning teams and delivering value faster to customers.

Jira Align: A True Commitment

Jira Align is a unicorn product, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. For starters, your organization needs to be ready for a powerful platform like Jira Align and truly committed to embracing change. Implementing Jira Align also requires significant resource investment and guidance on setting up the platform.  

When configured correctly and in a way that meets the specific needs of the client, Jira Align helps organizations achieve what so many organizations struggle to do: connect strategy to work execution and drive agile transformation. 

To make sure your organization is set up for success with the platform, we recommend bringing on a partner to guide you through the implementation process—from configuration to training and coaching. When you work with an Atlassian Solution Partner, they bring years of experience and have the technical know-how to resolve any issues.

Building Your Case for Jira Align 

While Praecipio and Atlassian have partnered on several impactful projects over the last decade, this past year has been pretty epic (no pun intended) for our agile-at-scale and Jira Align collaborations. Our goal has been to deliver exclusive content that is rich in data and helps you build a strong case for how your organization can drive enterprise agility with a platform like Jira Align. 

We co-authored this exclusive whitepaper with Atlassian that explores how to achieve what so many organizations struggle to do: bridge the gap between strategy and execution. Praecipio and Atlassian also released an executive slide deck template that gets you started with gaining leadership buy-in for Jira Align.  

Since we’ve received great feedback on these resources, we decided to keep our partnership going strong. Just recently, our Principal Solutions Architect Amanda Babb gave a Jira Align Workshop at Team ‘23. During this session, attendees got hands-on experience with modeling strategy in Jira Align and how to tie it back to financial goals. 

Our #BiginKorea Amanda Babb (IYKYK) has done it again. In an Atlassian Team Talk webinar, she shared her wealth of knowledge on scaling business strategy with Jira Align.

Praecipio x Atlassian Webinar

For this webinar, Amanda Babb teamed up with Atlassian’s Sr. Solutions Engineer, Brad Kramer to guide you through your journey towards unlocking the power of data-driven decisions.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how to:

  • Affirm value delivery: Discover why Portfolio Planning and Management in Jira Align are crucial for accurately tracking value delivery in Jira Software. Learn how Jira Align can enhance your ability to measure progress and optimize resource allocation.
  • Accelerate your transformation: Support your organization's journey to the connected enterprise with Jira Align, Enterprise Insights, and Atlassian Analytics. Explore how these powerful tools can drive agility, collaboration, and innovation throughout your organization.
  • Connect and extend your data systems: Unleash the true potential of your Jira Align data by seamlessly integrating it with other business intelligence solutions. Gain insights from your data through visualization and reporting tools or consolidate it in an enterprise data lake for comprehensive analysis.
  • Get smarter about data visualization: Discover the native reporting capabilities within Jira Align that enable you to extract meaningful insights from your organization's data. Learn best practices for data visualization and how to leverage these insights to drive strategic decision-making.

Get Rid of Spreadsheets For Good

If you're tired of wasting time trying to scale your business with spreadsheets, it’s time to look for a tool that delivers the real-time business intelligence you need to successfully execute your strategy.

Thankfully, Jira Align offers a solution. When set up properly, Jira Align enables leaders to make data-driven decisions that optimize resource allocation and improve business outcomes. 

As an Atlassian Specialized Partner in Agile at Scale, Praecipio’s agile practitioners have guided hundreds of enterprise organizations through their agile transformation journeys. We know what it takes to unlock Jira Align’s powerful capabilities that connect people, processes, and technology to strategy execution. 

Not sure if your organization is ready for Jira Align? Take our Jira Align Readiness Assessment and find out!

If your organization is ready to embark on your journey towards data-driven decision-making, contact us and we can discuss how to put Jira Align to work for your organization.

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