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Atlassian Intelligence FAQ: Benefits and Key Considerations

April 30, 2024

Atlassian recently announced that their new AI-driven feature set, Atlassian Intelligence, will turn on by default for all Premium and Enterprise Cloud products starting in May. While some organizations may eagerly welcome this update, other Atlassian customers have concerns about how this impacts one of their most important assets–their data. 

So, what does the automatic activation of Atlassian Intelligence mean for your Atlassian products? Can you opt-out? How do you know if your data is secure?

As with anything related to emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), there are a lot of questions and valid concerns. In typical Praecipio fashion, we give it to you straight. We’ve put together a list of common questions about Atlassian Intelligence and provided answers about what this upcoming change means for your business and mission-critical Atlassian tools. 

Atlassian Intelligence FAQ

What is Atlassian Intelligence?

Atlassian Intelligence is a set of features across various Atlassian products that leverage the power of generative AI to empower teams and fast-track collaboration. From summarizing a Confluence page to evaluating code commits in Bitbucket, Atlassian Intelligence is your “virtual teammate” designed to help you work more efficiently within the Atlassian ecosystem. 

Scroll through this page to learn more about Atlassian Intelligence features and what’s to come. This page also dives deep into how the features of Atlassian’s AI-powered products work, what they can and can’t do, and how to most effectively use them to boost productivity and drive data-driven decision-making. 

When does Atlassian Intelligence automatically turn on?

Atlassian Intelligence automatically turns on for Cloud Premium and Enterprise products starting May 6, 2024. It’s important to note that this update will be rolled out over the course of the next few weeks.

Who does this update apply to?

Atlassian Intelligence will automatically be enabled for all Cloud products for customers with Premium and Enterprise plans, with a few exceptions. 

Will Atlassian Intelligence automatically activate for HIPAA-compliant companies?

No, HIPAA-compliant companies will not have Atlassian Intelligence automatically activate for their products. However, your organization must identify itself as a HIPAA-compliant organization. Otherwise, your Atlassian Intelligence will automatically turn on come May 6. 

Here’s a demo of how to flag your organization as HIPAA-compliant within your Atlassian Cloud Admin Panel:


How can I turn off Atlassian Intelligence?

You can disable Atlassian Intelligence by following these steps as a Cloud Site Administrator: 

  1. Go to admin.atlassian.com. Select your organization if you have more than one.
  2. Select Settings > Atlassian Intelligence. You’ll see a table with products that already have Atlassian Intelligence activated.
  3. Select Remove for any of the products where you want to deactivate Atlassian Intelligence.
  4. Review your selection and select Save to confirm.


Does Atlassian Intelligence use my company’s data?

The short answer is yes, but only to provide better outputs. Atlassian states they may “process organizational data from within your product instance that the user has permission to view and include that data in the user inputs so that LLMs can provide more accurate, relevant, and contextual responses.” Atlassian does not use inputs or outputs for any other purpose. 

Atlassian partners with OpenAI as their sub-processor for Atlassian Intelligence, which is hosted in the USA. Neither Atlassian nor Open AI retains the data it’s sent, which means your data only “lives” in your cloud instance at the end of the day.

However, for those not in the USA, this could be a concern if your data travels cross-borders to be processed. The same goes for companies that have policy restrictions against using OpenAI in the workplace. 

Is there a way to keep my data within my cloud instance when using Atlassian Intelligence?

Atlassian Intelligence relies on Open AI to understand queries and create the appropriate response, meaning some data must be sent there in order to work. The same is true for most AI-based tools unless you’re leveraging a self-hosted LLM that keeps data on your infrastructure. 

Some AI-based tools can be hosted and deployed 'internally', like Praecipio Intelligence (PIE) for Jira Service Management, which empowers service teams to deliver real-time responses using AI technologies. You can deploy PIE for Jira Service Management behind your firewall with an option to host an LLM and the data its passed (Praecipio can host it too). This gives you the ability to use GenAI technologies in your service desk and maintain control of where your data goes. 

How does Praecipio Intelligence for Jira Service Management work?

Praecipio Intelligence for Jira Service Management leverages a selection of LLMs (including self-hosted options) and a custom training mechanism that uses your business data to respond to service requests in Jira Service Management. This is slightly different from how Atlassian Intelligence works, which attributes a user’s intent to predetermined responses within a workflow.  

Leveraging the full capability of generative AI, Praecipio Intelligence for JSM uses the data you train it with to instantly interpret relevant content and respond to service requests from your portal. This all happens in near real-time, and as if it were a human agent. 

Check out this article to learn more about the differences between Atlassian Intelligence and Praecipio Intelligence and how both products can coexist to empower your teams to improve the service experience for customers. 

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