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Leading Human Spaceflight Provider Improves Atlassian App Performance

July 24, 2023


A leading provider in human spaceflight services and space infrastructure was experiencing performance issues with their Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket instances, which impacted the company’s operations. The aerospace company relies on the Atlassian platform to drive forward their mission of improving life on Earth and fostering possibilities beyond, so they needed to get to the root of the problem quickly. 

They partnered with Praecipio to analyze their Atlassian environment, determine why it was underperforming, and provide recommendations for improving performance outcomes. 


The space services provider had to reboot their Atlassian applications every week. This downtime meant a constant interruption in day-to-day operations, and teams had to redo work that went unsaved during the outages.

Initially, our client attributed the performance issues to one of their Atlassian Marketplace apps since the performance degradation became apparent while trying to use the app.


To uncover what was happening with their Atlassian environment, the Praecipio team conducted a performance assessment, which involved putting our proprietary software Moneo to work. What would typically take a company 1-2 weeks to complete, Moneo did within minutes thanks to the program’s ability to automate tasks that uncover performance bottlenecks. 

Our team also analyzed the client’s Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket instances, from how their apps were configured to how many custom fields they had to what hardware they were operating. After running Moneo and assessing their Atlassian infrastructure, we discovered that a lack of Java tuning was causing the performance issues.


Praecipio provided the aerospace company with a document that included recommendations and best practices on how to properly run the Java application so that their Atlassian applications would perform optimally. After giving our engagement a Net Promotor Score of 10/10, the aerospace company has decided to continue partnering with Praecipio to implement our roadmap so that their teams can get back to what matters most: building a thriving home in space that benefits every human. 

We have also shared this client's documentation with our Modern Service Management team so they can reference it in case any other clients experience similar issues.

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