Real-Time Visibility Into the Cost of Work with Jira Align - Atlassian + Praecipio

July 9, 2024

Data-driven decisions should be at the heart of every team. While we have incredible instincts as humans when it comes to pattern recognition, these same instincts keep us skeptical of making risky decisions. It may even prevent us from trusting one another when it comes to business decisions and organizational change. After all, how many times do we say to one another, “In God we trust; all others must bring data?”

In This On-Demand Webinar, You’ll Discover How To:

  • Connect execution to strategy with Atlassian tools and technologies including Jira Align. 
  • Consolidate data from disparate tools into a single-pane-of-glass dashboard for enhanced decision-making.
  • Collaborate effectively, turning raw data into actionable insights for strategic clarity and cost transparency.
  • Catalyze business transformation by leveraging real-time data to drive informed decisions across your enterprise.
  • Convert everyday data into extraordinary business value through smarter integrations and strategic alignment.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform how your enterprise views and handles workflow and cost management.

Amanda Babb, CSM, SPC6 | Praecipio
Amanda Babb, Principal of Client Delivery, has been working with Atlassian products since 2013. After becoming a SAFe® Program Consultant in 2015, she's worked with Enterprise organizations to facilitate their Agile-at-Scale transformations leveraging the Atlassian products. A self-proclaimed Agile Evangelist, Amanda has worked closely with Atlassian to build Praecipio’s Jira Align practice, blending framework and tooling to accelerate enterprise digital transformation.
Michiko Quinones | Praecipio
Michiko Quinones is Praecipio’s Principal Consultant of Enterprise Agility. She is a seasoned leader and Agilist, with close to twenty years of experience as a consultant and coach across strategic management and principal roles. Her wisdom and leadership have helped organizations across the Fortune 100 realize the power of Agile transformation, ensuring teams have transparency and alignment to deliver on their strategic goals and objectives.