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Enterprise Gaming Company Customizes Atlassian Tools for Scalable Growth

January 31, 2019


One of the most well-known makers of hobby gaming systems, whose leading product nets around $250 million annually, struggled to manage requirements and project planning in their Confluence and Jira instances. With an ambitious growth strategy, they needed help configuring and integrating their Atlassian tools to keep teams connected and enable information to flow freely throughout the organization. Additionally, they needed guidance on how to leverage their Atlassian tools to implement Agile methodologies. 

The enterprise gaming company partnered with Praecipio to implement a scalable solution for customizing and configuring their Atlassian tools that optimized processes, facilitated collaboration, and enabled enterprise agility.


The gaming company used Jira and Confluence’s out-of-the-box capabilities for project management purposes, but they had no way to efficiently plan or track work. With a new team joining their organization as part of a recent acquisition, this wasn’t scalable. Our client needed to quickly optimize their tools to support agile ways of working and their growing organization.


Bringing our Agile and Atlassian product expertise, our team implemented custom configurations for Jira and Confluence to support Agile project management across teams. Working closely with a team of SMEs, we tailored Jira and Confluence to fit their existing processes, enabling them to track work from their portfolio backlog down to team implementation. This set of custom schemes in Jira facilitated scalable growth as they prepared to expand the use of Atlassian tools to teams that joined the organization.

In addition to customizing Jira, we developed Confluence templates with intuitive, easy-to-use fields to standardize how teams across their organization gather project requirements. Rather than creating multiple Confluence pages to document project information, we leveraged Confluence's built-in social features like @-mentions and commenting, allowing teams to consolidate project requirements in a centralized place. Moreover, we established page permissions to ensure Confluence documents serve as a single point of truth for project information, maintaining data integrity and consistency.

We also provided guidance on integrating Jira and Confluence, enabling teams to connect Jira issues to related Confluence pages and create Jira issues directly from Confluence. This integration streamlined workflow processes, saving teams time by eliminating the need to switch between tools. Additionally, we established standardized naming conventions for Jira workflows, ensuring consistency across projects and providing greater end-to-end visibility into work progress and alignment with organizational goals.

Lastly, we delivered comprehensive training materials to increase user adoption and support teams in leveraging their technology effectively with Agile methodologies.


Following our engagement, our client successfully transitioned from traditional project management practices to Agile methodologies using their Atlassian tools. With custom configurations for Confluence and Jira Software in place, the gaming company seamlessly scaled its Atlassian platform, integrating the new team into the project management cadence while standardizing work across multiple teams and projects.

Now, with a centralized platform for sharing information and tracking progress in real-time, the gaming company has experienced improved collaboration, enhanced visibility, and increased efficiency.


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