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Leading Aerospace and Defense Company Replaces Legacy Technology with The Atlassian Platform

October 19, 2023


A leading aerospace and defense company was pouring resources into their 30+ year old legacy technology that was made up of disparate, homegrown systems. Not only was this infrastructure expensive to maintain, but it slowed down the organization and hindered innovation. The space launch provider needed more modern technology that accelerated processes, connected teams, and helped advance the company’s mission of providing affordable and reliable access to space. The space launch company worked with Praecipio to replace their legacy systems with the Atlassian platform, set up their DevOps toolchain, and guide them through their business transformation journey.


The client had already identified the Atlassian platform to replace their outdated IT infrastructure since it could scale with their business and met different business needs. Plus, the tightly integrated tools within the ecosystem kept teams connected on a common platform. Atlassian also offered on-prem infrastructure, which was required for security purposes. Our customer needed help setting up their Atlassian tools and training teams on how to navigate the platform, from setting up projects to using templates. Modernizing technology is a complex and arduous process that demands transformation and change management expertise. Unfortunately, their previous IT vendor treated the Atlassian tools as an afterthought. More than just a vendor, the aerospace company needed an experienced Atlassian Partner that knew how to use the platform to enable business transformation.


As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner with experts in every tool, from Jira Software to Jira Align, Praecipio had the deep expertise that the aerospace leader needed. Plus, with an office local to the client’s headquarters, Praecipio was able to deliver a high-touch approach that ensured technical capabilities were aligned with business strategy. After deciding on a platform and finding the right partner, the space launch provider was prepared to tackle its tech transformation. First, they had proprietary content that needed to move from their legacy system to their Jira Software and Confluence instances. Praecipio took care of this, in addition to developing scripts to convert content in a way that their Atlassian tools could understand. The client also needed support with improving their DevOps practices and organizational culture. The Praecipio team built out the aerospace company’s DevOps toolchain, which included Bitbucket, Bamboo, and other tools for source code integration and code review. Praecipio helped create a seamless development experience that allowed teams to easily build, deploy, and improve software quality within a unified platform. Lastly, the client was in the process of adopting SAFe®, and Praecipio provided Agile coaching so that teams had the necessary skills to scale agile practices across the enterprise.


Praecipio’s engagement with the aerospace and defense company laid the groundwork for a years-long partnership that continues to evolve today. After successfully migrating to the Atlassian platform and setting up their DevOps toolchain, the client continues to work with Praecipio to ensure their mission-critical tools are high-performing and that they get the most value out of their Atlassian investmentThrough Praecipio’s Modern Service Management offering, the space launch company has a curated team of experts who are dedicated to monitoring their Atlassian instance and carrying out regular health checks, upgrades, and governance.

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