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Jira Align Executive Slides to Help You Convince Stakeholders

Co-Brandable Deck


A Co-Brandable Deck to Help You Convince Stakeholders

We’ve put together this executive slide deck template with our friends at Atlassian to get you started convincing your company to invest in Jira Align. It’s rich in data, tells a compelling story about Jira Align, and most importantly, has a space for you to determine your own organization’s ROI if it were to invest in the agile transformation platform.
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Get Executive Buy-In

Before pitching Jira Align to your company, make sure you have a clear understanding of what your organization could accomplish by investing in Jira Align. You will also want to identify the specific pain points your business is experiencing and explain how Jira Align addresses those challenges. 

Preparing an executive slide deck for your leadership team will help build your case and paint a clear picture of what Jira Align could do for your company. Having a deck enables you to concisely tell your story and also provides a space to share data points that support your proposal.