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Your Roadmap for Integrating AI Technologies Into Your Ecosystem

November 21, 2023

In a sea of overhyped promises and overextended buzzwords, the artificial intelligence (AI) space has become saturated with low-quality AI efforts that fail to deliver business impact. While organizations are eager to capture the value of AI, the hype cycle has prevented them from successfully implementing AI into their existing ecosystems. 

Research from the State of AI Report shows that business leaders attribute the lack of knowledge of AI technologies and the inability to organize data as some of the biggest barriers to adopting AI. In this article, we explore the business implications of AI and share how your organization can integrate AI technologies in a way that builds trust with stakeholders across the enterprise.

The Known and Unknown of AI

Benefits and Risks of Artificial Intelligence

AI has emerged as a groundbreaking technology with the potential to revolutionize how people work and transform the way businesses operate. Its ability to automate tasks, make data-driven decisions, and enhance user experiences has garnered significant interest and investment. 

However, as with any new technology, AI comes with inherent risks. From potential job displacement, concerns about privacy and data protection, and ethical considerations, individuals and organizations need to understand the implications of AI and ensure the responsible use of these technologies.

AI Adoption Challenges

AI is the shiny new object that organizations have their eye on, but there are economic, social, and cultural barriers that come with adopting AI. From challenges with demonstrating AI’s business value to choosing the right AI technology for your business, AI is still the wild, wild west with a lot of unknowns. While the efficiencies and innovations that AI could bring to an organization are exciting, people are understandably resistant to adopting a technology that is still in the early stages of development. 

Overcoming these obstacles and successfully achieving AI transformation will require strong leadership, smart investment, and the right technical skills for incorporating AI into your daily workflows and operations.  

Putting AI to Work For Your Business

At Praecipio, we’ve always believed that the value of technology isn’t in the tools or the software itself but in how technology empowers people to work smarter and live better. Our approach to AI is no different. 

Praecipio’s AI initiatives focus on building a solid data foundation and establishing trust with customers and users so companies can deliver impactful experiences that drive measurable business outcomes.

A Tailored AI Experience

Generative AI models like ChatGPT are incredibly powerful, but they don’t know your customers or the ins and outs of your business. Our AI solutions go beyond the generic outputs of AI models. They instead leverage the dynamic capabilities of AI and connect them with your data infrastructure to create a more tailored solution that supports your unique business needs.

High-Value Use Cases

The AI technology you choose needs to make sense for your business and its users. Otherwise, it will become technology that gathers dust on the shelf, eventually turning into technical debt. 

We help our customers incorporate AI in their existing ecosystems, ensuring they select the right use cases that bring the most value to their organization. 

Trustworthy AI

Implementing AI well also means doing so responsibly and keeping the organization’s and customers’ data safe. Research from Gartner shows that by 2026, organizations that operationalize AI transparency, trust, and security will see their AI models achieve a 50% result improvement in terms of adoption, business goals, and user acceptance. 

With Praecipio’s AI solutions, you get the best of both worlds. We incorporate data from your ecosystem and blend it with powerful data from AI’s external sources; however, we maintain data security practices to ensure that your information is secure, stays within your company, and complies with the security and privacy regulations you have in place.

 Jira Service Management AI Autoresponder App

We first dipped our toes into the AI pool with our award-winning Image Classifer app, and recently, we developed an AI-powered autoresponder app for Jira Service Management (JSM). The Praecipio team realized there was an opportunity to improve the service experience by tapping into the power of Generative AI systems to assist human agents in delivering quicker, more accurate responses to customers’ questions. 

Supporting both Cloud and Data Center, our AI autoresponder app allows organizations to connect their Jira Service Management instance to the Generative AI engine of their choice (like ChatGPT or custom-deployed) and have that engine act as a "virtual agent" for their teams. When a customer submits a ticket through a Jira Service Management service desk, the app generates automatic responses. It allows human agents to review, edit, and approve the text without leaving Jira Service Management. 

Additionally, Jira Service Management project admins can configure the integration with the AI model to customize which data to pull from the customer request and then use that data to enrich the AI prompt with greater context. This ensures more precise responses and illustrates a high-value use case of leveraging AI to achieve efficient service delivery. 

Service desk administrators can also use data to configure whether the responses are submitted to customers automatically or whether the human agent needs to edit, approve, or discard the response first before sending it to the customer. These capabilities give organizations complete control over how the data from the AI engine is used within their organization. 

Another powerful feature of the AI autoresponder app is its translation capabilities. This enables organizations to unlock the power of a global team by translating requests and responses based on the agent's and customer's preferred language. Manual translation is cumbersome and prone to human error, while AI-enhanced translation is instantaneous and accurate.

AI Transformation with Praecipio

This is just the beginning of our AI solutions. We can custom-train versions of standard AI models and connect them with data sources beyond Jira Service Management. Our goal is to help enterprises seamlessly roll AI into their digital ecosystems with minimal configuration and maximum security. 

From image scanning to CX chatbots, we can build AI apps that support your IT initiatives and overall business strategy. Our enterprise platform enables organizations to train, fine-tune, and deploy cloud-based or on-prem AI models that pull data from different systems like Atlassian, Salesforce, Slack, and ServiceNow.

For example, a pre-trained AI model can connect with your Confluence and/or Jira Software instances, previous Jira Service Management tickets, and other tools in your digital ecosystem and incorporate this enterprise intelligence into the custom-trained Chatbot. Even though your data is integrated with AI technologies, it is still managed and controlled by your administrators and governed by the same tight security and privacy restrictions that you have in place. 

At Praecipio, we can help you connect your AI strategy to business outcomes. Contact us to accelerate your AI transformation journey.

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