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Jira Align Navigation Changes

October 18, 2023
Michiko Quinones

After years of user feedback, Atlassian has made some updates to Jira Align's navigation. We're here to help you navigate some of these changes.

Check out some of the frequently asked questions below to see what's new and watch a few demos from our experts on some of the changes.

Need additional help configuring Jira Align for your organization or understanding some of the recent changes to the platform? Reach out to Praecipio.

Why did Atlassian change Jira Align's navigation/user interface?

Atlassian responded to years of customer feedback that the old navigation was not intuitive and difficult to navigate. This exciting new update brings Jira Align's look and feel into the more modern Atlassian branded look and keeps it fresh and current with other Atlassian products.

Read more in the community article here.

I can't see Team Hierarchies in Jira Align?

For a short time after the new release team hierarchies will be spread across the top of Jira Align. However, Atlassian is planning on adding the traditional team hierarchy that you’re used to seeing back into the new navigation in Jira Align shortly after the official changeover to the new release anticipated for March 2024.

The hierarchy view video is at the bottom of the page here.

This video shows you the hierarchy:


Keep an eye out for the upcoming changes in JIra Align’s public cloud roadmap here.

Where did the search button go in the new Jira Align?

The pages and room search is not currently in the new navigation. Instead, the new navigation will remember the team rooms where you’ve been in Jira Align and place those rooms on your homepage when you first log in. Additionally you can click the ‘star’ on each page to save that page so that when you log in you can see that page immediately.  

See how Jira Align remembers team rooms you've been in:


See how to star reports in Jira Align:


How do you find Reports in the new Jira Align?

Many people use the search to find reports. The new navigation will remember where you’ve been in Jira Align and place those pages and rooms on your home page when you first log in. For this reason, the page search will no longer be in Jira Align. However, Reports will be listed in alphabetical order in the sidebar. This short video will show you how to find reports in the new navigation.  

Finding Reports in the new Jira Align:


How do you find Dependencies in the new Jira Align?

The new navigation aims to organize items in Jira Align to reduce clutter. In the new navigation, you’ll note that some items have been moved to a "More Items’’ list. Dependencies is now in the "More Items’’ list.

Use this short video to see how to get to those items:


How do you add multiple Programs in the Program Board in the new Jira Align?

In the program board, add additional programs by going to the ‘extra configs’ button in the top right. 


How do you add multiple Programs in the Backlog in the new Jira Align?

To see multiple programs in the same view in the  backlog, go to the parent portfolio of those programs. Go to Backlog. Then select ‘programs’ from the ‘labels’ button.  To filter by a program, use the filter.

A multi-program filter will be available on the program backlog, allowing you to view multiple backlog list or kanban views at the same time (multi-solution and multi-portfolio views will follow).

See how in this short video:


How do you add multiple Programs in the Dependencies view in the new Jira Align?

To add multiple programs in the dependencies view, use the filters. 

See how in this short video:


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