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Global Fortune 10 Retailer Implements Jira Data Center

January 31, 2019


Software development issue tracking is an integral component of successful agile releases, and when you're the largest retail company in the world you have more issues and work to track than most. With offices in 28 countries and over a million employees, this industry giant required a unified tool and refined processes to ensure their disparate teams could easily stay on top of their frequent releases. Turning to Atlassian's Jira Data Center as their software solution for scaling agile across their enterprise, this Fortune 10 company sought out the Atlassian and process expertise of our Praecipio Consulting team to implement and configure Jira for their high-performing development teams.


Prior to our engagement, our client's development teams used a variety of issue-tracking software, including Clearquest, TFS, and Teamforge, which made standardization and reporting across teams unnecessarily burdensome. With 6,000 development users, lean, consistent processes, tools, and workflows are paramount to the company's ability to do more work, faster without time lost on context switching. Additionally, an overabundance of overly-complex workflows (as many development teams felt the need for their own) adds another layer of difficulty to get through in interpreting reports and project status. The need for a singular software solution with maximum uptime and custom configuration capabilities was great.


During our engagement with our client (which also included Confluence and Bitbucket Data Center implementations), we worked with 30 of the organization's key stakeholders to implement Jira Data Center to their needs and configure a tailored Jira instance to streamline workflow, increase standardization, and maximize productivity. Working with our client, we identified and configured 3 project scheme sets to serve their development users, allowing them to spin up new projects more easily- no matter which release they are assigned to. Our expert consultants kept the number of workflows to no more than 2 for software development teams, as our client required a design that was comprehensive enough that all teams could utilize the models. Once we'd implemented and configured Jira Data Center for our client's distributed teams, we performed UAT (user acceptance testing) and rollout to ensure a successful solution for our enterprise client. 


Delivering a custom configured Jira Data Center instance for our client's 6,000 distributed development users allows them to track work with greater ease and increased reporting and productivity. Now, with a solution that lets them scale their agile development without taxing their resources, this global industry-leader has cut their time to market on releases, keeping them at the top of their game. Our client was so pleased with the results of our Jira Data Center implementation and configuration that, as each development team's project set-up was completed, the developers immediately adopted and began using Jira- even before the rollout was finished! With Jira Data Center running alongside Confluence Data Center and Bitbucket Data Center, we've provided our client a complete agile development solution, tailor-made for their use.

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