SAFe Cheat Sheet: A Guide to Scaled Agile Framework

SAFe Cheat Sheet: A Guide to Scaled Agile Framework

February 23, 2021
Michiko Quinones, Principal Consultant, SPC6

No matter the size of your organization or your industry, the end goal of any company is to deliver the highest quality product to customers in a way that fosters the innovation and creativity of people working in teams. This school of thought has led to the development of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), a scalable Agile solution for enterprise-level organizations. 

Operating under Agile principles, SAFe aligns all levels of the enterprise – from agile teams to executives – for accelerated value delivery. By leveraging short feedback cycles, transparency, visibility, and strategic alignment, innovation is unleashed to ensure that the best products and services are delivered to customers.

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How does Atlassian support SAFe®?

The Atlassian product suite is a best-in-class solution to facilitate and communicate clarity throughout the entire enterprise, including strategy teams, product teams, development teams and go-to-market teams. Atlassian products are engineered to connect these teams in a way that encourages visibility and flow. Products like Jira Align, Confluence, and Product Discovery enable business teams to strategize, define, develop and manage products. These products connect seamlessly for planning and delivery at the program and team level through Jira, Atlas, and Advanced Planning (formerly Advanced Roadmaps) for Jira. With Atlassian, you unlock the power of the connected enterprise, supporting your SAFe practices and ceremonies.

Diagram: How Atlassian supports SAFe 6.0

Business Teams

Jira Align


Product Discovery

Mission, Vision, Values

Strategic Alignment

Objectives and Key Results

Lean Portfolio Management

Single source of truth

Consistent Spaces

Templates and blueprints

Solution briefs

Product Development Briefs

Product brainstorm and idea development

Product roadmap

Link and track issues in Jira


Delivery Teams

Advanced Planning for Jira


Jira Software

Roadmap alignment to strategy

Capacity planning for programs and teams

Dependency visualization across teams and initiatives

Source work to one strategic parent

Link teamwork  to goals

Easy, visible and transparent status

Encourage an environment of innovation and collaboration 

Manage the flow of team work in a visible and transparent way

Easily prioritize work

Visualize the connection to strategic initiatives

Elaborate on dependencies


What are the core values of SAFe®?

Enterprise Flow

A clear set of guidelines is followed by an organization to ensure quality at the highest level. 

Strategic Alignment

All levels of the organization work towards the same goal with a unified message, top to bottom. 

Built-in Quality and Continuous Delivery

All teams commit to and ensure sound code quality, as “one bad apple can spoil the bunch.”

Visibility and Transparency

No one person or team is more important than another, and knowledge orders must be broken down to succeed. 

Want to learn more about SAFe®?

Ready to learn more about how Scaled Agile brings best practices and delivers the greatest results to your enterprise organization? As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, Praecipio is here to help!

First, check out our webinar, Proving Value: How Business Leaders Use Jira Align to Connect Strategy and Execution presented by Senior Solutions Architect, Certified Scrum Master, and SAFe® Program Consultant Amanda Babb to get a more complete introduction to implementing Agile practices at the enterprise level.

Next, contact us to see how our Enterprise Agility solutions can help you meet your goals.


Proving Value

Connect Strategy & Execution with Jira Align

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