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Online Travel Company Implements Bitbucket to Maximize SDLC Processes

January 31, 2019


Utilizing our integrated delivery methodology, Praecipio implemented Bitbucket to maximize SDLC processes for a leading travel website. We provided our client with a high-performance implementation of Bitbucket and successfully optimized their collaborative functions. The success of the project has paved the way for additional Atlassian product implementations with the goal of achieving full traceability and fueling enthusiasm in the company for future Atlassian implementations. With over 730,000 global flight shoppers visiting their site a day, our client knows best business practices and demands the same of their technology- which is why they chose Praecipio and Atlassian for their enterprise IT needs.


Our client's success was limited by older and varying applications. Operating with these overly-complex, inefficient version control systems, created a lack of standardization across teams, limited process control, and taxed their already burdened server. Due to the lack of standardization traceability was difficult to achieve and created inconsistencies among teams. These inconsistencies took the form of varying and unclear workflows, requests left unfulfilled, builds occurring in various locations where code could not easily be retrieved, and a lack of integration with other 3rd party systems.

Seeking the expertise of Praecipio to configure and implement Bitbucket, our client required a process-centric solution to optimize its Git workflows and create clear channels for collaboration. Additionally, our client required failover and disaster recovery capabilities, as well as a product that could scale, minimizing complexity as new team members and processes are added. By the time we completed on-site discovery, the internal murmurs of Bitbucket, Atlassian's behind the firewall git repo management system, grew into a fever-pitch as excited developers could not wait to start using the revolutionary product.


  • Standardization across version control systems and repository management systems
  • Transparency across disparate teams
  • Increased traceability over software development life cycles

Praecipio Provided:
  • Initial Process Discovery, Consultation and Roadmap
  • Iterative Bitbucket Configuration and Implementation
  • Migration Services
  • Git/Bitbucket Product Training


Our client chose us because we came highly recommended by Atlassian. Praecipio's tried and tested methodology took a process-centric approach to implementing Bitbucket and providing a smooth and easy transition to Git.


During the Discovery process we held interviews and workshops with Subject Matter Experts to determine the specific requirements of each team and created a clear and effective plan for transitioning to Git. During the Discovery phase we were able to effectively identify specific Git workflows, create a seamless migration plan and a training solution that boosted user adoption and ensured proper maintenance of the application moving forward. Discovery also allowed a deep dive into our client's process, allowing for process optimization that was reflected in Bitbucket's configuration. This included permission schemes, notifications, workflow configuration, groups, and roles. The end result was a full six week implementation plan to configure, migrate, and train our client's users without sacrificing productivity.


While working hand-in-hand with our client's SMEs, we were able to design a comprehensive set or rules and processes that mirrored our client's. Leveraging our iterative implementation model, we were able to engage in rapid iterations of design, review, and course correct. This was optimal for our client because we were able to show configurations in real time, making adjustments as necessary and allowing for increased oversight into the project.


During the iterations with our client we engaged in daily meetings to define and design a solution. Once this was complete we engaged in daily development activities to configure Bitbucket to our client's unique needs. The previous day's development was reviewed each morning and feedback/adjustments made. This was particularly useful since teams were able to see what these process looked like once configured.


Once configuration was complete we began the migration process. This was a complex migration process since there were multiple VCS systems to replace. Further complexity was added since the systems were used by geographically dispersed teams, often with varying outage windows. We were also replacing several business critical applications. Our approach allowed us to successfully migrate teams to Bitbucket without compromising data integrity and within each teams unique requirements.


During the migration, teams were provided a range of training courses that focused on Git and Bitbucket. Training classes were standing room only and high-fives were abundant. A knowledge transfer session was also provided to key stakeholders. This time allowed for reviewing the project and specific application configurations.


By engaging with our client we were able to build a comprehensive tool that enforced our client's development processes, increased oversight and traceability while fostering better collaboration.

Our client was amazed by our ability to deliver an enterprise-wide solution in such an effective manner. The success of the project has been marked by an ROI that continues to grow, the increased adoption of Atlassian products, and by giving our client a deeper understanding of its own SDLC processes. Above all else, we were able to combine our process-centric approach and Atlassian expertise to create a holistic Bitbucket implementation. Learn how we helped our client implement Bitbucket and create a process-centric approach and a better understanding of their own SDLC processes.

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