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Praecipio: The Q2 Recap

May 31, 2023
Brandon Huff, SVP

It’s been a busy year so far for Praecipio! I’m sure many of you are experiencing the same as your company's initiatives are in full force. Plus, you’re trying to keep up with the ever-changing market, all while empowering your teams, strategically planning, and getting work done. It’s a lot to balance.  

As we enter the second half of the year, we wanted to provide you with a roundup of market trends that we’re focused on, new service offerings, and a general update on what Praecipio has been up to during Q2.

Current Market Trends

Staying on top of market trends helps us expand our Atlassian, DevOps, Agile, Service Management, and Software Development capabilities. By combining this insight with our experience of helping customers address their biggest challenges, we are equipped to deliver better solutions that enable enterprise organizations to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Continued push to the cloud - As the demand for strengthened security, more flexibility, and improved scalability increases, we continue to see a push towards moving and optimizing all applications and tool stacks in the cloud. This has resulted in:
    • Large-scale migrations, mergers, and integrations of all types
    • A need for strong compliance, security, and identity solutions and processes
    • A reduction in total apps required to operate each company
  • How to leverage AI - AI is powerful, and it will continue to gain traction as advancements are released. Most companies see the potential of AI but aren’t quite sure where or how to start. Here’s what we are seeing: 
    • A need to define how AI should work for us, its boundaries, and methods to manage it. The “AI Bill of Rights”  and models like AI TRiSM have been put out to help establish AI governance, trustworthiness, fairness, reliability, robustness, efficacy, and data protection (and more).  
    • Companies should have a reason to use AI. Don’t use AI just to use AI or you may be searching for a solution to a problem you don’t have. However, you may find a capability gap that AI can help fill or even discover how your tools can utilize AI to get the most out of what you already have.  
    • Know the limits of AI and its uses at your company. Don’t let AI run wild and rely on it as an “easy” solution for everything. This can wreak havoc for all teams (especially IT) with AI being used to input IP and sensitive details. 
  • Addressing the capability gap - As new technologies and platforms emerge, there is a race to develop the skills and knowledge needed to implement, manage, and maintain these new systems and applications. As a result of this, we have seen an uptick in our training support services. We instruct the trainer, develop workshops, and also provide modern service management to ensure organizations can ramp up, adopt, and maintain systems faster.
  • Finding efficiency and ROI - Every organization is constantly under pressure to do more with less, especially in a down market. Rather than pause all internal initiatives, we are seeing more clients double down on their IT investments and focus on these areas: 
    • Optimize digital strategy - While you may have a digital strategy in place, now may be a good time to revisit how it can evolve with your business needs and success. Use this time to outline the approach, outcomes, architecture, delivery, and governance.
    • Clarify the tech roadmap - With a clear digital strategy, a technology roadmap can be defined (or updated) to reflect how the organization will achieve goals, align teams and skills, and track work being done.
    • Consolidation of applications and functionality into fewer platforms - To optimize resources and improve agility, organizations are looking to consolidate the platforms and applications that they have accumulated over time. Atlassian software enables teams to plan, manage, and report on a wide variety of work. From product definition to IT helpdesk to development, the Atlassian platform brings together teams, various value streams, work efforts, and reporting into a single, connected work environment. 

New Service Offerings

Like every other organization, Praecipio has had to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape and reimagine how we serve our customers. In the last year, we have grown exponentially and realigned our teams to provide new capabilities and service offerings to our customers. While more solutions are in the works, we rolled out service updates for DevOps and Coaching:

  • DevOps - While DevOps is a broad term (with an even broader definition), we have focused on key aspects like Culture, Collaboration, Communication, Automation, Development, Operations, and Delivery. This has resulted in value-driven offerings around: 
    • DevOps assessments to understand the root cause of common challenges
    • Build processes, repository, and tool configuration
    • Test Management processes, integration with development tools, and optimization
    • CI/CD pipeline design, process, and tool configuration
    • Monitoring of all DevOps tools to provide insight, actionable data, and more
  • Agile Coaching - While Praecipio has been coaching clients in a variety of areas for several years, we have formalized our Coaching practice by becoming a SAFe Gold Partner.


    This allows us to support our clients in both agile and technology coaching and provide guidance for teams wanting to implement–and sustain–scaled agile practices on their own. We are focused on Coaching offerings that align your technology and process around:
    • Agile-at-Scale coaching at the Team, Program, Portfolio, and Enterprise levels
    • Technical coaching to support development and testing teams around DevOps and Service Management

Atlassian Updates

As one of the fastest-growing Atlassian partners, we’re always looking for ways to expand our services within the ecosystem and help our customers get the most out of their Atlassian investment. Most recently, we:

  • Became an official Atlassian Specialized Partner in ITSM - Adding on to our Atlassian Agile-at-Scale and Cloud specializations, the ITSM specialization recognizes Praecipio’s deep knowledge, extensive experience, and delivery of consistent, high-quality services that optimize customer satisfaction and outcomes.


    Specialized partners help organizations empower Dev, IT Ops, and business teams to collaborate at a high velocity so they can respond to changes rapidly while also delivering better customer and employee experiences faster. Our experts know firsthand what it takes to enable business transformation and maximize the value of Atlassian tools for your unique organizational needs.
  • Acquired Avant and expanded our global reach into Canada - Avant is a stellar addition to Praecipio’s already strong team. Acquiring Avant further cements Praecipio’s position as the market leader for Atlassian products and enterprise transformation in the U.S. and expands our footprint into Canada.

Make It Happen With Praecipio

Building a high-performing enterprise doesn’t come easy. More than just a vendor, you need a partner to guide you through the journey of seamlessly connecting your people, process, and technology.

At Praecipio, we make it happen. Through our suite of enterprise solutions and the Atlassian platform, we help you build a connected enterprise. We’ve worked closely with some of the world’s leading brands to provide them with the tools, coaching, and expertise they need to transform their businesses. 

If you’re ready for a partner that put your tools to work for you, contact us so your teams can get back to the work that matters most. 

Build a connected enterprise

Get Back to The Work That Matters Most.

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