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An Overview of Atlassian Cloud Enterprise

September 22, 2022
Brian Nye

Atlassian Cloud Enterprise is the highest cloud tier for Jira Software, Jira Service Management, and Confluence. This tier is targeted for companies with large server instances or global requirements in mind (800+ users or 200+ agents). At this tier customers get the following capabilities beyond the Cloud Premium tier:

Up to 150 instances
99.95% uptime SLA
Atlassian Access
Enterprise support

While everyone will find these capabilities attractive, it does come with an enterprise cost. By far one of the most attractive features is having up to 150 instances. We'll explore why, as well as what type of organizations should consider investing in Atlassian Cloud Enterprise.

Who should consider Atlassian Cloud Enterprise?

Many of of our customers have more than one cloud instance of these core three products. Now before you go and say, "Well, I clearly need to be an enterprise customer," I would encourage you to evaluate why you have these instances in place. By far the biggest reason is that one of your teams wanted their own place to work and didn't want to (or didn't know) that the company already had an instance for them to do their work. Other reasons typically include the need for additional security/permissions and cost control. While all these reasons are valid, they are usually poor reasons to not be in a single instance where teams can collaborate much more freely.

With that being said, we have seen several cases where customers should definitely take advantage of an Enterprise Cloud license:

  • A global company with Data Residency requirements
    • The data has to reside in a particular area or region
  • Industries requiring segregated data
    • Companies that operate in both regulated and unregulated markets such as the energy industry
  • Sensitive data such as Personal Health Information in the case of organizations operating in health, pharmaceuticals, or biotech that must comply with HIPAA
    • Projects that are restricted due to classification or privileged information

The Enterprise option allows for these customers to pay for a single licensed user in multiple instances. For Standard and Premium plans, this would require users to have multiple licenses to access each instance. Typically we find that when our customers have more than one instance of the same product they pay for a portion of users to be licensed in more than one instance.

One customer of ours had over 50% of their users who needed to be licensed in multiple instances of Jira Software and Confluence due to data segregation issues. For this customer, it would cost them less money to move to Enterprise Cloud and eliminate the additional license cost. 

Become a cloud-first organization

Are you still on the fence if Enterprise Cloud is right for you? We are happy to help. As a cloud-first company, Praecipio has worked with many companies to figure out the best strategy for operating their Atlassian instances. Contact us so we can discuss your specific needs and determine if you should go with an Enterprise Cloud solution or go through with a Cloud Merge. 

And if you still have questions about cloud migrations in general, watch our on-demand webinar where we answer the most common questions we have received from clients about Atlassian Cloud migrations.

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