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How ITSM Solution Improved SLAs for Tech-Savvy Public Utility Provider

July 27, 2022


Our client, an investor-owned public utility company and one of the most technically-sophisticated providers in their industry, transitioned to an IT Service Management platform that consistently failed at providing the essential integrations, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and IT Asset Management to sustain their organization long-term.


During the sales discovery process, we learned that our client used several disparate tools to manage service requests and assets.  They had a relatively small team that serviced the entire organization, and we identified an inherent need to have a dependable, single source of truth to better track service requests, incidents, employee onboarding/offboarding, and issues. We also discovered the need for integrating an Asset Management tool that included over 500 hardware inventory assets.


We implemented a Jira Service Management accelerator project so that the team could better track service requests, incidents, and issues within their internal organization, as well as integrating it with Insight - Asset Management by Mindville to track their overall computer inventory. We executed an accelerated implementation that took only five weeks and included the build-out of the knowledge-base/self-service tool in Confluence, which is often used in tandem with Jira Service Management implementations.

When implementing the Accelerator, it was evident that some of the out- of-the-box features provided by Jira Service Management did not work for our client, specifically around their onboarding/offboarding needs. This caused for some course correction and would require a redesign of the triage workflow by splitting personnel into two different issue types: New Hire and Termination. During the engagement, we also implemented a VPN Request issue type in the project, which required the use of ProForma to allow custom forms for New Hire and VPN Requests. These processes were not currently digitized and the team was pleased that we made progress in folding those processes into the service desk.

Additionally, we faced the unexpected challenge of provisioning Jira Service Management Agents for Insight - Asset Management. Due to COVID-19, existing assets were not on our clients internal network, so we needed to set the Agent up to gather these assets. 


This was accomplished with three separate processes:

1) Agent scans system and uploads data to drop-off server

2) Drop-off server transfers the Agent scans to Jira

3) Jira imports the Agent scans


We were able to successfully implement a pre-defined framework based on ITIL ( Information Technology Information Library) best practices with one Jira Service Management Project, develop one Insight Asset Schema with 500 object types and five sites, and make in-flight adjustments to meet our client's unique requirements. These efforts helped our client streamline processes, improve SLAs, and create a better user experience.
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