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Atlassian’s Jira Service Management Named Leading ESM Platform by Forrester

December 6, 2023

Over the last decade, organizations have addressed business challenges by extending ITSM capabilities to diverse business teams–from HR to legal, marketing, and beyond. This is how ITSM evolved into Enterprise Service Management (ESM), which better suits the needs of the modern enterprise by enabling teams to seamlessly work together within a collaborative ecosystem

Unfortunately, legacy service management solutions have prevented organizations from successfully implementing Enterprise Service Management strategies. They have also left companies with mounting technical debt and the inability to understand the impact of their technology investments.

Jira Service Management Named Leader in The Forrester Wave™ Enterprise Service Management Report

As businesses race against a fast-moving market, they are turning to more modern tools like Jira Service Management that support agile and collaborative ways of working. In fact, Atlassian’s Jira Service Management was recently named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Service Management, Q4 2023. The Forrester Wave is a guide that presents business leaders with vendor options in the Enterprise Service Management space, providing them with valuable insights to help them make informed decisions about where to invest their resources. 

Forrester’s Enterprise Service Management report also compares Atlassian to other leading platforms like ServiceNow and Ivanti. Atlassian received the highest possible score in the strategy category, which analyzes each vendor’s partner ecosystem, community, pricing, and vision for the future. 

Connecting Teams on a Common Platform

When evaluating Jira Service Management, Forrester states, “Atlassian simplifies team collaboration across the enterprise. As a newer ESM entrant, Atlassian’s differentiated vision is to offer a comprehensive and integrated suite of tools that seamlessly connects development, IT, and business teams to foster enhanced collaboration and workflow efficiency across the entire service delivery lifecycle.” 

Free Flowing Information

Forrester also recognizes Jira Service Management for its “unique, open-first architecture, which encourages knowledge sharing without restrictions, while AI capabilities drive improved user experiences.” Jira Service Management is recommended for enterprises looking for lightweight service management solutions that equip all business teams with smart workflows and powerful insights. 

Modernize Ways of Working

While initially created to support ITSM and DevOps practices, Jira Service Management has grown into a powerful, cost-effective solution for implementing Enterprise Service Management strategies that bring businesses closer to their customers. From ACI Worldwide to the world's largest brewing company, Jira Service Management has helped organizations of all sizes modernize ways of working and deliver seamless experiences across the enterprise. 

Build a Resilient Enterprise with Jira Service Management

Disruption is the new normal. Some companies barely survive it, while others innovate and thrive. The key to mitigating risk and achieving business resilience all comes down to data. 

Top-performing businesses are the ones that convert high-quality data into actionable intelligence for improving the customer experience. Building a resilient enterprise goes beyond identifying important data sets; it involves intricately weaving data into every process, tool, and business decision. This requires a sometimes painful–but necessary–shift in organizational culture. 

This foundational shift is propelled by service management solutions like Jira Service Management that create a connected data ecosystem all users can navigate. When data is extracted, organized, and shared across users and platforms, business teams can use this enterprise intelligence to quickly adapt service experiences to customer expectations.  

As an Atlassian Specialized Partner in ITSM, Praecipio can help you build a data-driven enterprise that connects you with your customers. Read our ebook to learn how to achieve business resilience by leveraging Atlassian’s integration capabilities and powerful artificial intelligence technologies to capture high-value data for improving the service delivery lifecycle. 

Maximize Your Tech Investment

Now is the time to move away from costly legacy systems and outdated data infrastructure. Praecipio has guided hundreds of organizations through the transition to modern ESM software like Jira Service Management. Here are some of our most popular resources on Enterprise Service Management:

Praecipio has the expertise to ensure you optimize every customer interaction and embed resilience into your organization’s DNA. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you maximize your technology investment.

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