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3E Enhances Efficiency with Migration to Atlassian Cloud

April 1, 2024
  • INDUSTRY: Technology
  • LOCATION: Carlsbad, California
  • SOLUTIONS: Cloud


Following its divestiture from Verisk, 3E–a leading provider of environmental health and safety compliance solutions–needed to quickly realign its technology infrastructure and move to the cloud without disruption or compromising data integrity. 

With a commitment to delivering operational excellence in a highly regulated and dynamic industry, 3E partnered with Praecipio to help their team navigate the challenges of a divestiture, migrate from on-prem to Atlassian Cloud, and optimize its environment to support their mission-critical operations.


The divestiture from Verisk presented many challenges for 3E, especially since they wanted to migrate from Data Center to Atlassian Cloud as part of their journey to becoming a more cloud-centric company. Separating from its parent company meant disconnecting 3E’s IT infrastructure, tools, and processes. Not only did 3E need a fast turnaround with this process, but they also had to work within a lean budget. 

Another obstacle that 3E faced was that Verisk didn’t want any data other than 3E’s leaving their instance. Because of the environmental industry’s compliance standards combined with the recent acquisition of multiple companies, Verisk had strict security requirements in place. This meant they could not grant admin access to whoever was in charge of separating the Verisk and 3E instances and carrying out the cloud migration. 

3E needed a partner that could quickly transition their operations from Verisk’s Data Center to a new Atlassian Cloud instance, all while staying within budget, ensuring minimal disruption, and maintaining the data’s integrity. 



Because Verisk was already a client and knew Praecipio had proven success with enterprise-level cloud migrations, they recommended our team carry out all activities related to the divestiture. After all, our team already knew the ins and outs of the Verisk instance.

3E had plans to move to Atlassian Cloud, so we started the engagement with a Cloud Assessment. This involved taking a deep dive into 3E’s Jira and Confluence instances to evaluate apps, identify external and non-cloud integration points, understand project data, analyze key dependencies on the current data center environment, and determine the best migration path to achieve a thriving Atlassian Cloud instance. During the assessment, we also identified two other self-hosted instances that needed to be consolidated into the new cloud instance. 

Praecipio then worked closely with the Verisk team to analyze which user and project data needed to move over to 3E’s new cloud instance and determine a migration strategy that complied with Verisk’s security requirements. 

The Praecipio team used Atlassian’s Jira Cloud Migration Assistant (JCMA) to carry out the migration, which we completed within just two weeks despite not having admin access to the Verisk instance. In addition to the migration, we set up 3E with Atlassian Access and helped them integrate their identity provider with SSO into user management. 

Afterward, we performed a post-migration clean-up to optimize their Atlassian instance and provided support to address any issues that came up and ensure the cloud environment was operating as expected.


Since divesting from its parent company and migrating to Atlassian Cloud, 3E has enhanced operational efficiency, reduced total cost of ownership, eliminated downtime, and offloaded maintenance. 

By migrating to Atlassian Cloud, 3E gained access to scalable infrastructure, which made it easy to consolidate their on-prem instances with minimal cost and no impact on users. Atlassian Cloud has also enabled 3E to adapt to evolving business needs, meet regulatory requirements with confidence, and reduce time-to-market for new environmental compliance solutions.

After seeing the success of 3E’s divestiture and cloud migration, Verisk later asked Praecipio to carry out other Server-to-cloud migrations they needed to complete.

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