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Your Spreadsheet Is Not a Strategy: Data-Driven Decisions with Jira Align

Atlassian + Praecipio, Co-Hosted Webinar

Planning your strategy is hard enough.

Once planned, you’re then faced with the ripple effect of gathering a team, a team of teams, and teams of teams of teams data to report on execution against the strategy. You’ve felt the pain of the 13-hour-long shared spreadsheet planning sessions that turn into weekly reporting sessions spent gathering and updating said spreadsheet. All this to have a five-minute conversation saying, “We’re on track for the month.” Wouldn’t it be great to be able to visualize your data across your entire enterprise, align your teams of teams on strategy, and deliver on customer outcomes faster?

Join Principal Architect Amanda Babb from Praecipio and Sr. Solutions Engineer Brad Kramer from Atlassian to:

  • Learn why Portfolio Planning and Management in Jira Align is as critical as its connection to execution in Jira Align and Jira Software.
  • Accelerate the value of Jira Align with deeper insights from your organization’s data leveraging native reporting capabilities.
  • Understand how to bring your Jira Align data into your other business intelligence solutions such as visualization and reporting tools or an enterprise data lake.
  • Support your journey to the connected enterprise with Jira Align, Enterprise Insights, and Atlassian Analytics.
Amanda Babb

Principal Architect | Praecipio


Brad Circle 500

Brad Kramer

Sr. Solutions Engineer | Atlassian