Join us on the Digital Transformation(ists) Podcast, launching in November 2020, to explore the impact that digital transformation has across industries and disciplines of all kinds -- and to hear stories from technologists, practitioners, revolutionaries, innovators, environmentalists, artists, and more to learn along with us about digital transformation and the fascinating force that is human connection.

On our first episode, we hear from Christian Lane, Founder of Praecipio Consulting. We'll learn about Christian's background, the history of Praecipio Consulting, the "why" behind his experience with and passion for digital transformation, and how it led to this podcast!

And on our first bonus episode, we have the incredible Garrett Dutton with us (as our very first guest... and co-host!) We'll chat about the "how" and "why" behind our coming together for this podcast, the music industry's nimble response to change (navigating the unimaginable!), his thoughts on the future trajectory of the music industry, and more! 

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Christian Lane

Written by Christian Lane

With over 20 years of consulting, IT operations, integration, and software development experience, founder and managing partner Christian Lane drives the business strategy that has led to landmark company success. His experience in myriad industries including start-ups, utilities and commercial arts provided Christian a wide knowledge base of operational development. Prior to founding Praecipio Consulting, Christian gained respect in the technology field through his work with ERCOT and Tactica Technology Group (now Hitachi Consulting). Choosing a headquarter office moments from Lake Austin, Christian enjoys going out for "board meetings" (a.k.a. wake boarding) with our team.

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