Howdy friends! You are listening to The Digital Transformation(ists) Podcast, where we get curious together about what technology is teaching us about human ingenuity, resilience, and the mysterious force that magnetizes us towards connection with one another. Together with our host Christian Lane, founding partner of Praecipio Consulting, our co-host G.Love, Grammy-nominated artist, and our incredible guests, we embark on a journey to better understand technology's role in amplifying connection between us all. 

We'll hear from technologists, practitioners, revolutionaries, innovators, environmentalists, artists, and more, all sharing their experiences with technology and how it's affected their lives and industries.

In this episode, we continue with our Team Series and spotlight one of our favorite people: Amanda Babb, a true Praecipio Consulting legend. A self-proclaimed Agile evangelist with a solid 15+ year track record in helping enterprise organizations streamline their operations, Amanda has worked closely with Atlassian to build Praecipio Consulting's Jira Align practice and made digital transformation possible for our clients across different industries. We chat with Amanda about how to apply Agile for tasks outside of work, the intersection of remote work and digital transformation, and her favorite internal Slack channels. With her adorable dog friends Leonard and Howard, catch a glimpse of our resident Agile Rockstar cooking delicious dishes or working on her glorious El Camino she rebuilt from scratch.

Host: Christian Lane

Guest: Amanda Babb



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