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...where we explore the impact digital transformation has across industries and disciplines of all kinds!
Join our host Christian Lane (Founding Partner of Praecipio Consulting), co-host G.Love (Grammy-award nominated musician), and our incredible guests as we embark on a journey to better understand technology’s role in amplifying connection between us all. We’ll hear from technologists, practitioners, revolutionaries, innovators, artists, environmentalists and more — all sharing their experiences with technology and how it’s affected their lives and industries.
Let's get curious, together, about what technology is teaching us about human ingenuity, resilience, and the mysterious force that magnetizes us towards meaningful connection and collaboration with one another.

Meet our Host & Co-Host

1 min read

Ep.16: DX Marketing & The Art of Storytelling

In this episode, we continue with our Team Series and spotlight one of our very own from the podcast team: Executive...

1 min read

Ep.15: Agile, Atlassian, and an El Camin, featuring Amanda Babb

Howdy friends! You are listening to The Digital Transformation(ists) Podcast, where we get curious together about...

40 min read

Ep.14: Keeping Austin Weird & Wonderful, with Carol Thompson

Hello friends! You are listening to The Digital Transformation(ists) Podcast, where we get curious together about...

27 min read

Ep.13: The DevOps Takeover, featuring Bryan Robison

Hello friends! You are listening to The Digital Transformation(ists) Podcast, where we get curious together about...

45 min read

Ep.12: Tech's got a story to tell, with Emmett Malloy

Welcome to season 2 of the Digital Transformationists podcast, where we get curious, together, about what technology...

31 min read

Ep.11: AI, Big Data and Our Digital Futures, with Parul Saini

Episode eleven features industry luminary Parul Saini: with more than 15 years working in some of the most exciting...

37 min read

Ep.10: The Skill to Teach, the Will to be Taught, with Daniel Breston

In our tenth episode, we're joined by the multitalented Daniel Breston, author, coach and business continuity...

46 min read

Ep.09: The Courage to Heal Yourself and Others, with Mark Garza

Our Ninth episode features Austin’s own Mark Garza, and we talk about the story and history of Flatwater Foundation...

36 min read

Ep.08: Forecast: Cloud-y with a Chance of Bicycles, with Kelvin Yap

In our eighth episode we are hyped to host Kelvin Yap, Senior Product Marketing Manager and DevOps for Atlassian....

35 min read

Ep.07: Gone Digital - The Future of Work with Molood Ceccarelli

Our seventh episode's guest is Molood Ceccarelli. Molood is a remote work strategist and agile coach. Often referred...

33 min read

Ep.06: Tomorrow's Healthcare, Today with Eric Raymond

For our sixth episode, we're joined by Eric Raymond, Senior Manager of Business Applications at Castlight Health. ...

27 min read

Ep.05: Building Reliable Systems with Aileen Horgan

Our fifth episode stars Aileen Horgan, VP of Marketing at Gremlin. We talk about her incredible career at Atlassian,...

41 min read

Ep.04: The Power of Music with Keb' Mo'

Keb’ Mo', five-time grammy award winner and musical force that defies typical genre labels, joins us on episode four...

34 min read

Ep.03: Growing Great Leaders with Kerri Hoyt-Pack

Kerri Hoyt-Pack, Founder of The Liberty Collective and former VP of Marketing at Nike, joins us on our third episode...

43 min read

Ep.02: Transformation with Lyssa Adkins

Lyssa Adkins, the Agile Coach to Agile Coaches and author of "Coaching Agile Teams: A Companion for ScrumMasters,...

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