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2021 State of Service Management Report

Key Takeaways from the Report

In this report, you will learn about the challenges, practices, and drivers that have led companies to adopt Service Management strategies within their organizations. You'll also get insight into emerging trends in Service Management and how the framework contributes to business impact, employee wellbeing, and improving the service experience. Here are a few of the many key findings in the report:

  1. The majority of organizations (71%) have either started or are planning to use ITSM capabilities outside of IT.
  2. Customer service/support, Human Resources, Business Operations, and Facilities are just some of the departments now using Service Management principles in their own operations.
  3. Incident management (45%), knowledge management (40%), asset management (35%), and service catalog and/or self-service (34%) are the most shared Service Management practices.

2021 State of Service Management Graphic - Teams
The top three drivers for Service Management are: process standardization and optimization (22%), cost reduction (21%), and employee experience improvement (19%). Organizations with well-advanced Service Management strategies are more likely to have “process standardization and optimization” as the primary driver.
2021 State of Service Management Report

Service Management done right

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