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What's All the Hype on Atlassian? Your Return-on-Investment

December 3, 2023


As a leader in the medical industry, our client provides superior solutions to those who rely on them for cutting-edge healthcare systems, medical supplies, and pharmaceutical products. To do this important work, they rely heavily on Atlassian Jira and Confluence to collaborate on and track work - which, prior to our engagement, resulted in an overabundance of instances across their 70,000 person country-wide organization. In seeking to merge, migrate, and consolidate their multiple Jira and Confluence instances into one, they turned to our Atlassian expert team to get this mission-critical job done right.


With the risk of moving to an unfamiliar production environment and a need to eliminate time constraints from outages, our client required expert assistance to stage the migration and consolidation to ensure functionality before committing to a production cutover. Allowing two weeks to execute this, our client needed a fast turnaround with a non-pressurized UAT (User Acceptance Testing) environment which could be used to upgrade automated metrics and identify abnormalities as they occurred in the test merge, migration, and consolidation.


Our seasoned technical architects set to work on setting up a staging server in which to orchestrate the merge and migration. During the project, our team leveraged Botron's Configuration Manager for Jira to enable a fast and successful migration of all workflows, issues, and screens to prepare for the merge. With their deep expertise, they seamlessly migrated the larger Jira and Confluence instances to the server, after which they merged the smaller instances. Once the migration, merge, and consolidation were completed on the test server without incident, they were able to migrate the finished merge to singular Jira and Confluence Cloud instances.


Working with their stakeholders to ensure all requirements were met, our efforts and documented process provided them the results they needed- including a staging environment in which they can now make controlled changes and run tests for future projects of this kind. Our client noted that our work on this project gave them insight into future merge, migration, and consolidation efforts to allow for better planning across their organization. Our team's expertise and knowledge not only assisted our client on this project, but continues to be a key resource for them in on-going Atlassian projects, from implementations to product training.
Learn how we helped our client merge, migrate, and consolidate multiple Jira and Confluence instances into one to allow for better planning across the entire organization.

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