The simple definition of a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is an outsourced services provider that remotely manages a client's infrastructure and/or end-user systems. While an MSP can have a variety of focuses, continue reading to find examples of what this means in the IT world. 

Benefits of Managed Service Providers

What are the benefits of Managed Service Providers? For a client, this is a proactive subscription-based model intended to improve operations while allowing the business to focus on its core functions. An MSP provides businesses the IT expertise needed to support necessary functions by supplementing the in-house IT solution with predictable support costs. Combining a proactive management style with expertise provides increased reliability in key metrics such as uptime through tuning and consistent monitoring.  

How Does it Work?

The client / MSP relationship is bound by service-level agreements that allow for interactions to meet client needs. The Managed Service Provider leverages best practices and multiple areas of expertise in databases, security, installations, integration, and administration (just to name a few) to optimize a client's user experience. This can include hosting, performance monitoring, and administration of applications under the provider's wheelhouse. It also allows the MSP to consult on and perform upgrades, patches, and problem solving through routine maintenance and technical assessments. Under a subscription model, this also allows for an MSP to execute on an as-needed basis contributing to a key cost control desired by many clients. Through help desk portals, clients are able to communicate with the MSP as they need from administrative functions to urgent outages.

Managed Services in the IT Industry

Regardless of the size of the organization, a Managed Service Provider can be the kind of “utility player” to provide peace of mind knowing your applications are running smoothly without the constraints of building out and maintaining a full in-house IT department. Interested in learning more about Managed Services? Contact Praecipio Consulting to learn how we provide client-tailored support solutions for your Atlassian needs.

Shannon Fabert

Written by Shannon Fabert

Shannon Fabert is the Principal of Managed Services. Her first adult job was as a supervisor at FedEx. It didn't take her long to figure out that she had a passion for process and continuous improvement. Today, this extends to a love of forecast model and scheduling as well as organizational behavior.

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