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The Future of Atlassian: Blowing Minds at Summit '14

By Praecipio Consulting on Sep 17, 2014 11:00:00 AM

Make a list of all the things you'd like to see in new and existing Atlassian products. Dream big. Get thoughts from other Atlassian users. Then- build, test, deliver and repeat. No, this isn't the Atlassian version of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

It's the future of Atlassian- and your mind will be blown!

Atlassian co-founders Scott Farquhar and Mike Cannon-Brookes kicked off Summit 2014 in San Jose, CA with an Opening Keynote that not only inspired the audience, but moved them to on-going applause as one-by-one new products and features were announced. For those of us streaming the presentation remotely, HipChat rooms all over the world were surely abuzz with excited talk about the new offerings, all of which were on our personal wish lists! 

Without further adieu, we present six more reasons that Atlassian is the shiz: 

6. The Atlassian Family is growing!

Atlassian is expanding- and we don't just mean their product line.

They've welcomed 9,000 new users (Many of whom we've introduced to Atlassian!), added over 300 new Atlassian team members, spent 1,600 hours giving back to non-profits and, most notably, opened a new office in Austin, Texas (but we're biased). 

It's a good thing Atlassian added to their ranks, because they are going to be very busy with the next 5 announcements!

5. HipChat comes to iOS8!

All the Apple users of HipChat had their (mindblown) when Atlassian announced the new HipChat app for iOS8.

The re-designed app allows you to view HipChat in your lock screen and go straight to notifications in an easy-to-use pull down screen for reading and replying.

Just when we thought we couldn't love HipChat any more than we already did! 

4. Holy Confluence 5.7, Batman!

Wouldn't it be nice to simultaneously work on a single, shared document in Confluence and offer in-line comments to collaborators on pages and attachments?

Atlassian thought so too- that's why they included these real-time, collaboration-enhancing features to their already robust CMS.

The fastest way to get your non-technical team members to love Atlassian? Introduce them to Confluence 5.7.

3. Unlimited Customer Usage of Jira Service Desk!

Since making its debut at Summit 2013, Jira Service Desk has quickly become one of Atlassian's hottest, most used products. Thousands of teams received thousands of requests through Jira Service Desk- and now, all those customers are FREE.

With new, agent-based pricing, you get Jira Service Desk 2.0 for your team to serve as many customers as you can. Just one price, no matter the size of your client base! 

2. Stash in the Enterprise! 

Stash is the latest Atlassian product, after Jira and Confluence, to join the Data Center offering- and it's set to be the biggest Data Center release yet!

The first high-availability Git repository, Stash Data Center is a dream for teams running mission-critical processes with no room for downtime and a great need for scalability. 

1. Introducing Jira Portfolio!

On the last day of Summit, attendees packed into Demo Alley to get a glimpse of the newest addition to the Atlassian product line: Jira Portfolio.

The world's largest companies leverage Jira for this purpose- and Atlassian is providing even more planning, reporting and traceability than ever before!

Improved strategizing, change response and growth planning? We're signing up right now!

Where are you going with Atlassian? 

Judging by the non-stop excitement and discuss by our team, nobody is more enthusiastic about the future of Atlassian than Praecipio Consulting! 

Our passion is improving your processes- making them better, faster and stronger so you can achieve best practices for your best product- and those are the tools Atlassian builds.

No matter if you're a new user, a small start-up or an industry giant- wherever you want to go with Atlassian...

...We'll take you there.

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GreenHopper Innovation Week

By Praecipio Consulting on Oct 15, 2012 11:00:00 AM

 Between Atlassian Summit and the launch of  GreenHopper 6, the Atlassian team took a break to conduct an innovation week. Basically, the team had saved up their  “20% time” over a number of weeks to put it to use during one week.

Like all Atlassian 20% time, the team got to choose what they want to work on, in this case three neat features came to light:

GreenHopper TV

GreenHopper TV came out of the desire for our customers to be able to update their board on one computer and see the results on another. For instance, if Michael on the team in Sydney updates the GreenHopper Team board, I would see that immediately on my board when looking at it in Austin. This is a nifty new feature that Michael Ruflin and Brad Baker worked on.

Card Colors

One of the pieces of functionality that GreenHopper Classic mode included was the ability to change the color of the card, depending on its Issue Type. Martin Jopson and Michael Ruflin took that further in Greenhopper 6.0.2 with the introduction of configurable card colors based upon Issue Type, Assignee or JQL. How cool is that?! You can change the color of the card based on JQL – very useful if you want to color based on SLA, for instance.

Simplified Workflow

The simplified workflow was an approach to avoiding the complexity involved in adding an additional column to the GreenHopper board – add status, create draft workflow, add transition, add step, publish, etc. 

Michael Tokar worked on this one and managed a mighty feat – every new project and board created via the GreenHopper Getting Started page can opt to use the GreenHopper Simplified Workflow which enables the board owner to add columns to their hearts content.

Keep an eye out for goodness from GreenHopper Innovation Week. The team is working on some very cool stuff!

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AtlasCamp 2012: Intermediate Jira Plugin Training Course by Praecipio Consulting

By Praecipio Consulting on Sep 18, 2012 11:00:00 AM

That’s right, only one day left until AtlasCamp 2012. Our developers eagerly await this day every year, so you can imagine our excitement when Atlassian asked our very own Christopher Pepe to design and teach the Intermediate Jira Plugin Training Course!

Christopher is one of our resident Atlassian experts, counting on over 7 years experience with Jira. Chris has designed training courses for many of our clients including NASA, and has even used Jira to control a toaster - so obviously we knew he’d be a shoe in.

The course will be designed for experienced Java programmers who have basic familiarity with writing Atlassian plugins. The course will demonstrate how to create a working plugin for Jira, implement a REST resource, store and retrieve custom data using Active Objects, and render a custom web panel.

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Jira 5.1 Released

By Praecipio Consulting on Jul 11, 2012 11:00:00 AM

We’re excited to announce the availability of Jira 5.1!

Jira 5.1 introduces a number of new capabilities for new and existing customers:

Inline Edit for Jira Issues

In Jira 5.0 Atlassian took the first step in making Jira easier and easier for end users – with new, fast Create and Edit dialogs.  In Jira 5.1, field edits, transitions, comments, and all your Jira actions can happen faster than ever.  With inline edit, any Jira field can be edited from the View Issue Page. The speed at which users work in Jira is dramatically changing on a daily basis.

Performance enhancements for large Jira instances

We know this is a big one for many of our largest clients. In Jira 5.1 two teams have been dedicated to performance: a Jira performance improvements team and a company wide Atlassian Performance Engineering team, specifically focused on Jira performance for large instances above 200,000 issues. Atlassian’s repealed the 200,000 issue limit as a result of the improvements, including a 40% improvement in throughput.

Issue Collector

The Jira Issue Collector lets you embed pre-configured or custom feedback forms into any web application or web site, so you can collect feedback, and use Jira to assign feedback items, or put them through workflow.  If you’re looking for a great demo for Jira, the Issue Collector is a great one: how to expose the power of Jira in a simple manner to people both inside and outside of an organization.

Lots More

And 5.1 comes with a whole lot of other enhancements: Disabling users, automatic time zone detection, improved search for Jira to Jira Remote Issue Links, and more than 42 new feature requests implemented and over 840 votes fulfilled.

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Atlassian Releases Jira 5

By Praecipio Consulting on Feb 22, 2012 11:00:00 AM

So you’ve probably heard already – Atlassian released Jira 5 today, loaded with tons of new stuff. Here’s Atlassian’s press release, which gives a cumulative primer:

“SAN FRANCISCO & SYDNEY, February 22, 2012—Atlassian, the leading provider of collaboration software for product teams, today launched Jira 5, the latest release of its flagship product. Available through both an OnDemand and on-site offering, Jira 5 offers a social product development platform that connects people, applications and activity to accelerate the software development process. New social features such as mentions, sharing and live activity streams immediately bring users into real-time discussions.

Jira 5′s platform – including an expanded plugin API and improved REST APIs –allows third-party software vendors to easily integrate with Jira and create products that are seamlessly compatible with future Jira releases, saving companies time and money. More than 30 integration partners, including Box, Gliffy, New Relic, Zephyr, Zendesk, Salesforce.com, Tempo and GetSatisfaction are launching Jira 5 compatible third-party products. More than 100 commercial and free plugins are also available with today’s launch.

“Jira 5 continues to push the software development process forward, this time through new social capabilities that improve real-time communication and better connect developers, technical teams, business users and customers – basically everyone building software products together,” said Jay Simons, president of Atlassian. “Jira 5′s enhanced integration platform also helps connect information from other enterprise products – a sales ticket from Salesforce.com, or a customer service request from Zendesk – directly to the Jira issue tracking and workflow engine, putting more information directly into the hands of product teams.”

Jira is used by more than 70 percent of Fortune 100 companies. Jira sits at the center of the software development process, connecting teams with development tasks such as bug tracking, feature development, agile planning, and activity monitoring.

Sharing Features Connect Developers, Teams and Data in Real Time

“Before Jira, our developers lost so much time reproducing the wheel through a tedious process of figuring out what had been done and who’d already been involved,” said Alex Kirmse, head of mobile development for Zappos.

Jira 5’s new sharing and mention features makes it easy to pull team members or co-workers into the conversation. Live activity streams update team members on all related activities and information, much like Facebook and Twitter activity streams.

“The effectiveness of our team’s communications has increased with direct commenting to individuals and live activity streams,” said Max Pool, Founder of Sycorr, a mobile banking company. “The integration platform for Jira 5 is the best yet. REST APIs improve our ability to integrate across platforms, while improvements to Jira’s powerful search engine (JQL) – such as historic change support – allow us to get even more creative in how we use the system and get the data we want from it.”

Building Businesses on the Jira 5 Platform

Jira 5’s new stable plugin API and improved REST APIs make it easy for integration partners and other plugin developers to build integrated software products. More than a quarter of Jira’s 400 plugins and more than 15 remote SaaS integrations are launching with Jira 5 compatibility. Plugins built using the Jira 5 stable plugin API will be compatible with future upgrades to Jira.

“We feel confident in betting our business on Jira’s success,” explains Samir Shah, CEO of Zephyr. “Jira 5′s new API connects development to QA, and gives our test case management tools more adoption because users know they can upgrade to future releases without having to wait on add-on upgrades.”

“Jira 5 is another quantum leap by Atlassian in their mission to creatively enable large scale collaboration at the nexus of engineering and support,” said Adrian McDermott, vice president of engineering and product management at Zendesk. “This integration redefines how support and engineering teams can work together to enrich customer satisfaction.”


Starting today, Atlassian is offering a free 30-day trial of Jira 5. Jira can be purchased for on-site download for just $10 for 10 users, or OnDemand starting at $10/month for 10 users.

New Jira Enterprise Offering

To ensure the success of large deployments, Atlassian is introducing a new Jira Enterprise offering with additional support, training and engagement. Customers with 500 or more Jira users can now receive 24X7 phone support, end-user training, and administrator certification, among other enhanced services. For more information, go to http://www.atlassian.com/enterprise.

Additional Resources

About Atlassian

Atlassian products help innovators everywhere plan, build and launch great software. More than 18,000 large and small organizations – including Citigroup, eBay, Netflix and Nike – use Atlassian’s issue tracking, collaboration and software-development products to work smarter and deliver quality results on time. Learn more at http://atlassian.com.”

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What's New in Jira 4.4

By Praecipio Consulting on Aug 2, 2011 11:00:00 AM

Jira 4.4 is live! Check out this deep dive into its new features:


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Jira 4.4 Sneak Peak

By Praecipio Consulting on Jul 21, 2011 11:00:00 AM

Searching the change history of issues in Jira gives specific, key information about issues, and helps developers make decisions and prioritize work.

Do More with ‘WAS’

The ability to search issue change history was introduced in Jira 4.3 with the Status field. In Jira 4.4, now you can also search:

  • Assignee field
  • Reporter field
  • Number of watchers (=,)
  • and dynamic dates!

Jira’s already full of information about your team and work. Dynamic date searching makes Jira’s search more powerful, with the ability to search for a field with a particular value:

  • ON
  • BY

Create new or tweak existing JQL filters and gadgets on the dashboard to show dynamic date information about status, assignee, and more. Watch the video to see it in action!



The Jira development team at Atlassian has already added some key information to their wallboard using these new search parameters. One key bit of information they want to see: how many issues QA raised during June for Version 4.4, and of those, how many have been resolved:

Paul, the Jira dev lead at Atlassian, is most interested in how many issues were ever rejected by QA, so he has a saved search for:

The examples above are just scratching the surface of what searching change history adds to Jira. Here are some other searches we’ve been playing around with:

  • issues assigned to Ken during June
  • issues that were assigned to John by Kyle
  • status was resolved before endOfWeek() by cbang
  • how many issues were resolved by Steve
  • assignee was in QA group during May
  • assignee was in QA group BY pslade
  • reporter was in QA group during June

Atlassian’s “really excited” for users to try out the new search parameters with their own issues, so download Jira 4.4 beta today and let ‘em know what you think!

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What's New in Atlassian's FishEye and Crucible 2.6

By Praecipio Consulting on Jun 15, 2011 11:00:00 AM

What’s new in FishEye?

Commit Graph
FishEye 2.6 introduces a new way to visualize your repositories and commits with a graphical representation of the source – the Commit Graph. FishEye keeps you up-to-date on current activity in your source through Activity Streams and RSS – now you can use the Commit Graph to understand more about your source.

How is a particular feature advancing? Are bugs being fixed? Is that bug fix release ready to be shipped to customers yet? Is there a lot of code that hasn’t been reviewed yet, and does it requires more attention? Have all the bug fixes been merged to the master branch?

The Graph
At a glance, the Commit Graph shows

  • Changesets in their respective branches using configurable “swimlanes”
  • A changeset list with commit information such as date, committer, commit message, Jira issues and more
  • Key information such as branching and merging. Git or Mercurial will be able to see anonymous branches.


Using the highlighter functionality will provide further context into

  • Lineage: where changesets come from and where they ended up
  • Jira Issues: view changesets with associated Jira issues
  • (Un)reviewed commits: see what commits have been reviewed, are undergoing a review or are unreviewed

If you want to dig deeper to find out more information simply click a changeset with a corresponding highlight and see related changesets with the same lineage, the same Jira issue(s) or the same Crucible code review(s). For example, by selecting the Jira issues highlight and clicking a changeset you will see the source code that has been involved with a given Jira issue and what Jira issues are addressed by the piece of code.

Fast(er) Search
FishEye 2.5 focused heavily on improving the search experience for FishEye users. We are continuing those improvements in 2.6 by making search even faster, more accurate and broadening the search options.

  • Search is now over 30% faster
  • Search file paths using CamelCase conventions
  • Access the default branch (trunk, master) of any file path found in the search, even if it was not recently modified on the default branch
  • Search commit messages and click directly to the Jira issues or Crucible code reviews, as commit messages are now wiki-rendered
  • If you are using Crucible with FishEye, you can now search reviews and review comments

Improved Jira Integration
FishEye and Crucible administrators can now connect to a single Jira instance for authentication and user management. This is an awesome way for you to centralise user management for FishEye, Crucible and other Atlassian applications.

  • One login - users only have to remember a single username to log in to all systems.
  • One password - change your password once in Jira and have all the other systems updated automatically

Just like connecting to LDAP, connecting to Jira will allow users to authenticate against Jira while users and groups in both applications can be managed in one place. Set up your connection to Jira through the FishEye setup wizard or further configure the Jira connections via the FishEye administration screens.

HTMLified Emails
A small, but useful, addition to FishEye is the new and improved HTML emails.  Emails are now much easier to read and scan with important information just a link away. A picture (or screenshot) is worth a thousand words.

And a whole lot more

  • Dashboard and Navigation improvements
  • Improved Git support for Git branches and activity streams
  • Mercurial indexing performance improvements (up to 3 times faster while scanning changes)
  • Git Commit Authors include email addresses

Check out the FishEye 2.6 release notes for a complete list.

Download Fisheye 2.6 to get started with a 30-day FREE trial or upgrade your current instance.

What’s new in Crucible?

Fast Code Review Search
Searching for reviews can be just as important as searching source code. Crucible now supports searching reviews and review comments through the QuickNav bar:

  • See results categorized by reviews and comments
  • Search review summaries, authors, objectives, titles, comments, review keys and Jira issue keys in one click
  • Click linked issues and reviews in any result, including review objectives/summary/comments
  • View wiki-rendered commit messages, reviews and comments

Enterprise Datasbase Support – Oracle & SQL Server
Satisfying two of Crucible’s highest voted feature requests, Crucible now has official support for the Oracle DBMS and Microsoft SQL Server.

Digestible HTML Emails
In Crucible 2.5, we focused on making sure Crucible users got “less” emails with smarter batch email notifications. We’ve continued making the email (notification) experience better with the new Crucible HTML emails.

The emails have been designed to make it easier to scan and locate important review information (new comments, reviewer), reduce non-relevant review information and make the information easily digestible. Also, while scanning your emails there is now rich linking and rendering of comments and metadata.

Review Creation without Metadata Information
Crucible now reduces the clutter in code reviews by excluding metadata-only changes. No more pesky svn mergeinfo properties cluttering your review screens anymore! We’ve also prevented changesets that are entirely svnprops changes (i.e. don’t have any non-metadata changes) from being added to reviews.
And there’s more

  • User management via Jira
  • Improved patch anchoring: support for anchoring Perforce, Mercurial and CVS patches
  • Dashboard and Navigation improvements

You can check out the Crucible 2.6 release notes for the complete list.

Download Crucible 2.6 to get started with a 30-day FREE trial or upgrade your current instance.

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Ideas from SmartGrid Roadshow: Chattanooga

By Praecipio Consulting on May 5, 2011 11:00:00 AM

We’re having a blast at Chattanooga’s SmartGrid Roadshow this week. The show’s been a host to hundreds of industry-changing intelligence that will lead electric utilities into the next generation of energy. We’re here collaborating with other energy market technology leaders about how utilities can re-engineer their business processes to support grid digitization and more customer empowerment.

A key part of this is the role of open source in SmartGrid technology – and questions about how it will be leveraged within new industry standards for application development, infrastructure, platforms, etc (check out TVA’s code library, an open source project for Phasor Data Concentrators (PDC), for a taste).

In a world where climate change is already active (yes, it is), SmartGrid technology – which is already the direction of the energy industry – will shepherd us into an era of change. We’re excited to help utilities prepare to evolve. Thanks again to the folks who put together the Roadshow as a summit for new ideas.

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CTXAUG Second Meeting: Join Us!

By Praecipio Consulting on May 3, 2011 11:00:00 AM

To all Austin-area Atlassian users (we know there are lots of you) – please join us next month for the second-ever Central Texas Atlassian User Group (CTXAUG)! At our first meeting we enjoyed snacks, beer, two Jira and Confluence whizzes, and the chance to talk shop with other Atlassian users about how they use Atlassian tools.

The event is free – just RSVP here and show up Wednesday May 18 at 6PM. Location and directions on our Meetup page.

Whether you’re a Greenhopper fan, crazy about Crucible, or just looking for advice, come on down and have a good time. We’ll look forward to it.

Follow us on Twitter at @ctxaug.

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Donate: Southeastern US Tornado Relief

By Praecipio Consulting on May 1, 2011 11:00:00 AM

Parts of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee sustained catastrophic damage from this week’s tornado outbreak. It saddens us to learn that so many people have lost loved ones and their lives as they once were. Having experienced this severe weather event and facing a Mississippi River flood of historic proportions, it’s important that we care for our neighbors in the Southeast.

You can help by donating to the Red Cross’ disaster relief effort here, and keep track of the impending flood with this feed.

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Day Two, SXSWi Trade Show: Free Water Bottles!

By Praecipio Consulting on Mar 15, 2011 11:00:00 AM

Day two’s off to a great start. Our Jira toaster‘s been hot all morning. We’ve enjoyed talking to the innovative companies attending SXSWi. There are a lot of great ideas here, all of which need to be fortified by good business processes and solid technology.

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SXSW Trade Show: Shots from the First Day

By Praecipio Consulting on Mar 14, 2011 11:00:00 AM

We’ve seen hundreds of folks on our first day at SXSW Trade Show. Thanks for swinging by! If you’re at the festival, be sure to come by tomorrow for more swag giveaways, process/ITSM talk, and Atlassian Jira-powered kitchen appliances.

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Controlling a Toaster With Atlassian Jira - SXSW Trade Show 2011

By Praecipio Consulting on Mar 10, 2011 11:00:00 AM

The Agile Framework, and in particular scrum allows any team or organization the ability to deliver product to the customer at the pace of new technology. But it's not just for software development.


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CTXAUG First Meeting at Scholz Beer Garten

By Praecipio Consulting on Feb 22, 2011 11:00:00 AM

We’re excited to host the first Central Texas Atlassian User Group next month – a place for Atlassian users (Jira, Confluence, Greenhopper, Crucible, etc) to connect and share ideas. We’re expecting over 50 attendees, so we’ll be starting off with a bang!

The meeting details:
Thursday, March 17, 2011
6:00PM to 8:15PM
Scholz Beer Garten
1607 San Jacinto Boulevard (at 17th Street)
North Dining Room
Austin, TX 78701

We’ll provide some pizza to munch on. Beer can be purchased at the bar. Expect mingling, brief group planning, and two fantastic speakers:

Christopher Pepe, Praecipio Consulting
Sean deBardelaben, AT&T

To RSVP, visit our Meetup page or our Eventbrite page.

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Merry Christmas!

By Praecipio Consulting on Dec 24, 2010 11:00:00 AM


From the Praecipio Consulting team, Merry Christmas! We hope you have an enjoyable Christmas holiday.

We’ll be taking a break from our blog over the next week while we celebrate the holiday, so this is our last post of 2010. Thanks again to all of you who gave us feedback on our posts; we’re glad to hear our blog has offered valuable perspective on IT, BPM, project management, and a host of other enterprise matters. We enjoy helping others, and look forward to blogging more in 2011.

Until next year,
Christian, Joseph, Chris, and Brian…who escaped this photo.

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Looking Forward to SXSW 2011

By Praecipio Consulting on Nov 4, 2010 11:00:00 AM

We’re excited to announce that Praecipio Consulting’s Christian Lane and Brian Nunnery are helping out with SXSW 2011as Interactive Liaisons. From now until the March festival, Christian and Brian will be using their strong communication and management skills to ensure that SXSW speakers and presenters have the support they need for their panels and presentations. It’s important for us to promote creativity and drive innovation, so we’re jazzed about having a hand in this year’s event.

Since the late 1980s, SXSW has attracted national attention by showcasing the latest technology and trends in film, music, and interactive media. In recent years, nearly 100,000 folks have flocked to Austin to attend the festival, which has served as the launchpad for such tech apps as Twitter and Foursquare. If you’re thinking of coming to SXSW’s film, music, or interactive festivals, check out the 2011 schedule. If you wouldn’t miss it for the world, then we’ll count on seeing you there!

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