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Join the Atlassian team at Amazon Web Services re:Invent!

By Praecipio Consulting on Nov 22, 2016 11:00:00 AM

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In the DevOps era, the technology tools you choose are critical for fostering innovation and overcoming development and deployment challenges, and creating a seamless experience between these tools is key to streamlining processes and maximizing productivity. And that’s why we are excited to be attending Amazon Web Services annual conference, re:Invent. Come join us at the event! Here’s what we’ll be up to:

Atlassian and Amazon Web Services for the Enterprise

Enterprises running on AWS can now leverage Atlassian’s collaboration platform for instant scalability, quick setup, and painless administration. At Atlassian Summit 2016, we announced that Data Center customers can deploy their Jira Software and Bitbucket Data Center instances to Amazon’s Web Services (AWS). With AWS’s Quick Start guides, powered by AWS CloudFormation templates for Atlassian, Data Center customers can deploy their Data Center instance to AWS in 10 minutes and standardize on one reliable platform that scales seamlessly.Stop by our booth to find out what’s new and get more info on an exciting offer for enterprise customers.

Find out how our own team went from a single Jira Software server instance to Jira Software Data Center on AWS at the talk: Case Study: How Atlassian Uses Amazon EFS with Jira to Cut Costs and Accelerate Performance. Add it your re:Invent agenda today!

AWS and the art of scale and interoperability

But our solutions aren’t just for enterprises. It’s easier than ever to scale your business with the power of AWS and Atlassian’s cloud platform. With about half of Jira Software cloud customers running on Amazon EC2 and 60% of Bitbucket users using AWS tools, we’ve created several integrations to help streamline your workflows and make continuous delivery and quick deployment a breeze. AWS CodeDeploy for Bitbucket,  AWS + Bitbucket Pipelines, and Bamboo Tasks for AWS are just a few examples of how easy it is to move between platforms to get the job done.

Check out all our AWS integrations here and get a demo at re:Invent.

Stop by our booth 2446 for a chance to win a complete HTC VIVE – Virtual Reality System or a new Echo Dot!

Developers: tap into our $200M Ecosystem

Developers can use our tools and APIs to build customizations for Atlassian products. Additionally, they can build hyper-growth businesses by selling add-ons on our Marketplace, which has reached $200M in sales, $100M of which were generated in the last year alone! Atlassian’s deep relationship with AWS allows us to provide the resources to get started fast and scale with ease.

Now it’s easier than ever to build an integration on AWS. In fact we are offering $100 in AWS credits for developers who launch an add-on in the Atlassian Marketplace between December 1 and May 1, 2017.  

Tackling devops together: come meet our partners

A powerful technology solution cannot stand alone. It has to integrate with other solutions in the market in order to truly offer an end-to-end devops experience. That’s why we’ll have several partners with us at re:Invent to show how you can combine the power of Atlassian, AWS, and the strong ecosystem surrounding these tools. 

Our Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Expert, Praecipio Consulting, will be joining us in the booth to discuss enterprise implementation and share their newest integrations- Docusign for Jira and ConfluenceSplunkPuppetXmattersRollbarWorkato and the newest addition to the Atlassian family, StatusPage, will also be in the Atlassian booth demonstrating how our solutions work together. Come by and check it out. 

See you there! Booth 2446

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3 Ways to Start Using Docker Today

By Praecipio Consulting on Jun 16, 2016 11:00:00 AM

With the rise of CaaS (Containers as a Service), many organizations as well as cloud service providers (including Amazon, Google, and VMWare) are looking to container deployment to expedite releases with new, lower strain on dependencies. Offering flexible deployment in addition to heightened security through resource isolation and microservice architecture, Docker allows companies to spin up consistent, stable, and secure environments for everything from development to sales demos. 

O'Reilly's  2015 State of Containers and the Docker Ecosystem  found 65% of organizations polled are leveraging containers, of which 78% of those specifically use Docker. At Praecipio Consulting, we've partnered with Docker to offer integrated CaaS solutions for teams leveraging Atlassian, helping industry-leaders do work faster, better, and at a lower cost. 

How can integrating Bamboo with Docker deliver unprecedented ROI for your organization? Get your team up and running with Docker using our 3 expert tips!

1. Get the Docker Toolbox

Whether you're building a house or building a release, the right tools are critical. With Docker, you can easily download the tools you need to get started containerizing builds today! Simply visit Docker's site   to download everything you need to start working with containers on your local machine. It includes the Docker client, Compose, Quickstart Terminal and Kitematic. Now your machine can run Docker in a virtual machine directly on your local machine. Start playing with images and containers either through the command line or using Kitematic!

Kitematic (Beta) lets you visualize and manage the containers through a simple yet powerful graphic interface.

2. Get Visual with Docker Hub

A shared value of both Atlassian and the OpenSource community is collaboration, which Docker intrinsically promotes with Docker Hub. Docker Hub is a great way to find, share and collaborate on Docker Images. The Image is the template for each individual container including the dependencies your code needs. Start with one of these to start working with your code in containers right nowWhether you need an Apache web server, a Python-based  environment , or  a Redis key-value store , there's a Docker Image to work with to run your service.

DockerHub let's you easily search and find the latest and greatest Docker Images to run your software.

3. Scaling Container Deployment for the Future

Docker's impact on the future of software development extends far past DevOps, paving the way for unprecedented innovations in technology.  At this year's AtlasCamp, Atlassian Developer Advocate, Nicola Paolucci brilliantly breaks down how we can use containers, Docker's orchestration tools, and micro-services to build applications of the future.

How various Docker tools enable micro-services in containers to run in harmony. Source: Atlassian

Docker + Atlassian Expertise

Ready to take your DevOps to the next level with Docker and Atlassian? Contact us to learn how we help teams from development to sales leverage Docker and Atlassian for more agile deployment.


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