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Leveraging Statuspage To Support Remote Teams

By Larry Brock on May 15, 2020 9:15:00 AM

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As many writers from a variety of perspectives have observed, we are truly living in interesting times. Before we get into how StatusPage helps remote workers, I would like to express my sincerest wish that you and your loved ones are safe and remain so through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to the state of business in which we now find ourselves, many companies have transitioned their operations and workforce to a more distributed model. This has exposed or amplified many procedural failures, demonstrating how the severity of some issues can significantly impact business success. 

I have experienced a few of these workforce transitions and almost without exception, the underlying failure already existed. Because people worked in close proximity to each other, they were able to mask this issue at hand, and that issue is only exposed when the proximity changes. A multitude of reasons can explain why this change may occur, with one being that the business is experiencing phenomenal growth, or like our current state of the world, maybe external factors are the cause. Regardless of the reason, change is inevitable and processes must adjust, adapt, and improve.

There's currently a plethora of information flooding the web on better ways to work, and while a lot of them are useful, what I haven't seen is content focused on how to make better use of tools you already have to solve some of these new challenges related to external forces.

Many organizations today use the fantastic Atlassian tool Statuspage to communicate the status of their services to their customers, users, and possibly any interested party on the Internet. What these organizations may not realize is that Statuspage is also a great way to communicate important information regarding system availability to their internal staff.

So, how can Statuspage be used to do this? Well, I'm glad you asked! Consider these situations:

  • A staff member needs an item from their desk and wants to know if the office is open and accessible.
  • A staff member expects the VPN gateway that they use to access internal systems to be fully operational, 24x7.
  • The staff of a particular department needs to receive timely updates on developments that may affect them as they attempt to complete a particular task.

In each of these situations, the need for information is similar in nature to that of a customer: both are trying to stay updated and informed

If you're already using Statuspage to communicate to your customers, then you know and appreciate the power of letting customers determine what information they receive and the channel through which they receive it. Now, let's revisit the above situations, but with Statuspage:

  • A staff member who subscribes to the company's Internal Operations Status page will have already received an SMS message, a phone call, and/or an email from Statuspage about the closure of some offices when the incident was created under the Physical Locations service. They can check this message for more details or better yet, visit the Statuspage to see up-to-the-minute information regarding building access.
  • A staff member who is having trouble with VPN can check Statuspage to see if there are any notices about VPN, or they can subscribe to the incident in-progress to get updates and know when they can safely resume their connection.
  • The team that builds out your data center infrastructure or computer cluster is waiting on delayed equipment to arrive before converging on the datacenter from their various shelter-in-place locations. With Statuspage, you can easily broadcast the update about the equipment arrival to subscribers who follow the incident related to the delay. 

These are just a few examples of how you can utilize Statuspage to arm your staff with valuable information using a tool that you already have available. Not using Statuspage? Look into this powerful communication tool, which eliminates the guesswork of who to contact and how, not to mention that it allows teams to focus more on their key functions of serving the organization. 

If you would like to learn more about how to leverage Statuspage, check out our webinar. We also have some great resources available on how different tools can help your remote teams, such as Workato and Jira

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