It's been Atlassian's biggest year yet. Years of innovation and hard work resulting in a coveted spot in the Gartner Magic Quadrant; Stash joining the Bitbucket family; reaching the elite goal of 50K customers; and now - the release of Jira 7. On the heels of their earlier 2015 headline-grabbing landmarks (not even including rumors that they are set to go public any day), Atlassian has reimagined their internationally popular issue-tracking (and so much more) system for an even better ROI on their latest launch, Jira 7. Recognizing the growing needs of product team and all the critical components of release (from marketing to devs), Atlasssian delivers Jira 7 to launch your business into the same stratosphere as Atlassian itself.


What can you expect from Jira 7, and what is the tech industry buzzing about? Here are our Top 3 Most Anticipated Features of Jira 7:

Quality Control

Jira 7 provides users with a redesigned release hub that promotes the highest quality code. Bugs cost money and Jira 7 eliminates costly incidences. By dividing Jira 7 into use by teams (Jira Software for development teams, Jira Core for business operations and Jira Service Desk for requests and support), companies now gain the insight into their teams that allows for superior project management and more granular reporting. 

The Ultimate in Collaboration

Following the great success and cross-industry adoption of Jira Portfolio (The big product announcement from Summit 2014), Jira now forms to your business operations. With Jira 7, there's no need to attach custom schemes previously built out; just select the project you want to emulate and start planning your sprints instantly. Additionally, the Jira 7 line offers expanded administrative features and expanded reporting options.

Packaged by Purpose

Potentially the most exciting features of Jira 7 is its newly increased connectivity with other products in the Jira suite. Atlassian, famous for sharing the documentation for their API, offering customers unlimited options, has integrated the Jira suite- from Service Desk to Portfolio and Agile- for a seamless workflow and landmark continuous integration. Paired with the newly re-branded Bitbucket, Jira is becoming the powerhouse of business operations in the tech world.

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