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12 Must-Have Apps for a Thriving Atlassian Cloud Instance in 2024

January 5, 2024

To survive today’s disruptive environment, business leaders need advanced analytics at their fingertips. Cloud plays an important role in generating the enterprise intelligence that companies require to make data-driven decisions. That’s why 91% of enterprise organizations store data primarily in the cloud and have moved their applications to cloud platforms. 

Thankfully, if your organization operates in Atlassian Cloud, there are powerful apps that enable you to effectively modernize your data infrastructure and achieve a high-performing instance. From recovering lost data to enhancing your Jira workflows, we’ve rounded up our favorite apps for building and managing a thriving Atlassian Cloud ecosystem in 2024.

1. Revyz Data Manager for Jira

Nobody wants to be caught in a situation where their data is completely lost. It’s a hard–and expensive–lesson to learn. Thankfully there are data recovery tools like Revyz Data Manager for Jira Cloud, which protects your instance from human-related errors, like accidental deletion of your Jira objects.

With Revyz Data Manager, you instantly recover any lost issues, attachments, or workflows from Jira Cloud if someone from your organization accidentally deletes them. Also, instead of manually copying configuration items from the sandbox to production, Revyz Data Manager allows you to save time and reduce errors through automated processes and audit logs. Revyz now also offers Data Manager for Confluence!

2. Timesheets by Tempo

Almost every organization struggles to align business strategy to work execution. Tempo, however, makes it possible with their strategic portfolio management solutions like Timesheets. As the # 1 time-tracking app for Jira Cloud, Timesheets by Tempo allows companies to save time and gain powerful insights with AI-powered automated time-tracking capabilities. 

Timesheets by Tempo seamlessly integrates with Jira and other work tools to help your teams and leaders effectively track time for critical business activities like accounting, payroll, billing, forecasting, and compliance. The Timesheets app also generates detailed reports about billable vs. non-billable hours, CAPEX vs. OPEX, and more. 

3. Planner by Tempo

Understanding team capacity is an important part of successful project planning, and that’s why Tempo created the Planner app. Planner by Tempo is a resource management tool that provides visibility into a company’s most valuable asset–time. 

By generating powerful insights into an organization’s capacity and utilization, Planner enables you to make better decisions about how to manage your workforce and workloads. With a comprehensive view of how business goals are aligned with resource availability, project managers can easily see if workloads are balanced and realistic. 

4. Cost Tracker by Tempo

Tempo’s Cost Tracker app is a portfolio and project performance tracker that helps you manage project costs and create detailed estimates. Focused on simplicity and ease of use, the Cost Tracker app converts data from Timesheets into real-time financial metrics. 

The Cost Tracker app provides high-level visibility of how your projects track against your business objectives and granular views of each project’s financial performance. Use this app to track budgets, labor costs, fixed and recurring expenses, billable and non-billable time, revenue, and profitability.

5. Structure.Gantt by Tempo 

Another one of our favorite apps from Tempo is Structure.Gantt. This app allows organizations to view, organize, and manage work with flexible hierarchies and eagle-eye views of their entire portfolio. 

From project and sprint planning to service management, Structure.Gantt app uses data from Jira and Structure to generate Agile Gantt charts. This provides project managers with a centralized place where they can build roadmaps and view timelines, dependencies, and resources across projects and teams. 

6. Aneto Earned Value Management EVM for Jira

Aneto Project Accounting EVM is a comprehensive solution that helps organizations manage project costs and schedules more efficiently. With Aneto’s powerful Earned Value Management system, companies have access to accurate project performance analysis, budget and cost control, historical trend tracking, and forecasting information. 

Aneto’s app also provides timely KPI alerts if projects aren’t going as planned, are behind schedule, or are running over budget. This way, you can address any project issues before they become a bigger problem down the road, ensuring project alignment and informed decision-making. 

7. Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE)

We’re also big fans of Appfire’s enterprise-grade solutions. Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE) is one of Appfire’s many powerful apps that is the go-to solution for workflow automation and enhancement. 

This all-in-one automation app for Jira Cloud enables admins to customize and enhance their workflows by combining no-code, point & click configurations with low-code scripting. Additionally, instead of depending on issue transition to kick-off automation, JMWE simplifies automation by using events such as field updates, comments, links, or attachments added as triggers. 

8. JSU Automation Suite for Jira Workflows

As business leaders continue to look for ways to boost productivity and generate cost savings, automation provides a solution. Enter JSU Automation Suite for Jira Workflows (JSU), which is an entirely no-code automation app for Jira admins who don’t want to deal with the complexity of coding. 

From streamlining an approval process to testing and fixing bugs, JSU extends automation capabilities beyond Jira workflows. With an easy and intuitive interface, Jira admins can use JSU to accelerate processes and save hours of administrative time.

9. BigPicture

Appfire’s BigPicture app helps project managers navigate complex dependency networks, allocate resources, assess risk, and make well-informed decisions when dealing with methodologically different environments. 

BigPicture is a leading portfolio, product, and project management system for Jira, supporting all Agile methodologies, whether that be SAFe®, LeSS, Classic, or a hybrid environment. Like its name suggests, BigPicture aggregates data to give you a “big picture” of what’s going on with your initiatives across all management levels. 

10. Dashboard Hub for Jira 

Dashboard Hub for Jira is another game-changing app from Appfire. Dashboard Hub for Jira Cloud allows you to easily create and share insightful and interactive dashboards for your ITSM, Agile, and DevOps teams.

Serving as a central hub for all your data, use this app to create custom charts with JQL, Formulas, and calculations in Jira Service Management and Jira Software. With this powerful app, you can easily visualize, track, analyze, and share data with both Jira and non-Jira users so they can use it to make informed decisions. 

11. OKR for Jira

Say goodbye to writing your OKRs in spreadsheets and Word documents. OKR for Jira allows teams to define, organize, and track objectives and key results, all within Jira.

With OKR for Jira, teams can create their OKRs and connect them to Jira issues so they know what work needs to be done to achieve a given result. Providing a comprehensive view of your objectives in a single dashboard, OKR for Jira makes it easy to understand how individual and team goals contribute to organizational objectives.

12. Foxly

Prioritizing your Jira backlog is a key activity for getting the most out of your Jira Software and generating high-value enterprise intelligence, and Appfire’s Foxly app facilitates this process. Using data metrics and scoring formulas, the Foxly app helps teams know what to work on next and keeps stakeholders informed on how work is progressing. 

With predefined RICE, ICE,  and WSJF templates and an interactive priority matrix, Foxly enables you to standardize your backlog prioritization process, align teams, and make data-driven decisions.

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You’ve probably noticed a common theme with these apps: they organize your data and provide targeted insights that help you make timely, well-informed decisions. By weaving data into every process, tool, and business decision, your organization is set up for success in building a resilient enterprise with Atlassian products.

With Praecipio’s extensive partner network, we can help you seamlessly integrate these powerful apps into your cloud ecosystem. Contact our team about making your Atlassian Cloud instance thrive in 2024.

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