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Election Compliance | Streamline State Business Services with Modern Digital Tools

With powerful, easy-to-use digital solutions from Atlassian, state business services departments can improve efficiency and make it easier for businesses to get started and prosper.
  • Create centralized resource management that helps small business owners and entrepreneurs easily start up and operate companies
  • Help you collaborate on projects and documentation
  • Make it easier for businesses to comply with state regulations by allowing remote collaboration between stakeholders
  • Reduce IT desk caseloads with virtual tools to facilitate resolutions
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Expedite Business Transactions with Jira Core

Jira Core makes it easy to manage regulation and approvals for business registrations, trademark databases, and professional licenses state- and nation-wide. Modernize services and reduce processing friction with tools that seamlessly integrate and allow full transparency and tracking for all stakeholders.

Effortlessly manage business queries and complaints with Jira Service Management

Complaint resolution with an intuitive self-service portal. Monitor and track issues from query to resolution, no matter how they're submitted. Learn from queries and build an easy-to-search knowledge base that increases self-service and speed of future resolutions.

Modernize and Integrate Services with Other Departments

The deep integration across the Atlassian software system, as well as third-party tools and a large marketplace of apps, makes it easy for state agencies to create comprehensive, cross-department solutions while at the same time reducing costs. Atlassian tools allow users to securely extend services to multiple devices and locations, enabling department staff and business owners to collaborate remotely. Whatever the objectives are—reducing fees, processing times, mobile migration, information access—Atlassian's digital tools have the functionality, tracking and transparency to show what’s happening and when it will be done.