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Maximize Flow and Connectivity with Enterprise Service Management

Every one of your employees and customers uses technology in their personal lives to get tasks done. They can order household goods, chat with the bank, and track deliveries live, online, and in real time. But what happens when they come to your business? Can they easily access the services they need? Or are they stuck, tangled in red tape and trapped in an organizational maze?

When problems and questions arise, can your customers get what they need through your automated interface?

...or are they stuck on hold with your customer service department?

When one department needs a service from another business unit, are they able to request and track it with a few clicks?

...or are they stuck with endless email threads and cumbersome forms?

When a new employee joins, can they obtain the training, supplies, and access they need automatically?

...or are they stuck with PowerPoints, PDF downloads, and a binder of procedures?

Embrace Automation Across The Enterprise

Tear down silos and create an integrated working environment. Let go of how it's "always been done" and adapt to meet the evolving needs of your users and the business. Move away from platforms that support only one slice of your business and take advantage of the significant savings of shared overhead, license, and hosting costs.

Connect your Enterprise Service Management (ESM) teams and outcomes with Praecipio.


Evolve Beyond IT

Start with the leading, most affordable Service Management solution available: JSM from Atlassian. Then, choose Praecipio to make it work for every aspect of your business. 

No matter your team size or needs, JSM and Praecipio are a winning combination to enable flow across your enterprise. Utilize our ESM experts to implement industry-leading Service Management solutions and ITIL best practices.

1Gartner’s 2022 Magic Quadrant named Atlassian’s Jira Service Management a leader in Service Management platforms.


Optimize Every Customer Interaction 

Depend on Praecipio ESM and ITSM consulting to help you modernize the way you engage with every customer, team, and department, both externally and internally. 

Praecipio can customize JSM and implement ESM, ITSM, and ITIL principles and practices to serve your needs across the enterprise. As a result, you achieve the connectivity, efficiency, and responsiveness you’ve been looking for, no matter how much time and distance separates you from your customers and employees. 
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Today, every business is a tech business. Leverage our strengths to create evolutionary systems that will enable your organization to seize whatever opportunity comes your way.


What Is ESM / ITSM / ITIL?

It might help to start with ITSM, ITIL, and ESM definitions to get more context around adopting Enterprise Service Management practices. 


ITSM stands for IT Service Management. It is the way modern IT teams manage the delivery of services to their customers.


ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) is a framework of practices, procedures, tasks, and checklists for aligning operations and service delivery through ITSM.


Enterprise Service Management, ESM applies the principles of ITSM and ITIL across the organization, breaking down silos and enabling collaboration among departments. 

Benefits of ESM
  • Handle every request the same way, no matter who fulfills it
  • Balance individual needs and competing priorities against company goals
  • Improve visibility and streamline reporting
  • Translate customer requests into actionable tasks
  • Enable collaborative customer interactions
  • Empower people to resolve their own issues quickly through a self-service knowledge base that evolves over time
  • Achieve time and cost savings across the business
Service Management

Every business service needs to be managed: defined, created, rolled out, supported, and improved. This is true whether it is fulfilled by your IT people, or by HR, Finance, Legal, Marketing, Engineering, Facilities, or Operations.

Enterprise Service Platform

Enterprise service platforms like Jira Service Management and Service Now rely on the practices, processes, and workflows that optimize and accelerate delivery.

Whatever Your Service Management Needs, Praecipio Can Help

Whether you need help with IT services or business services, the experts at Praecipio can customize and configure Jira Service Management to work for you. 

From intake to portal setup to knowledge base; and from SLAs and approvals to reporting–whether you’re managing changes, requests, problems, incidents, assets, or configurations–we’ve got you covered. 

Using out-of-the-box JSM as a base, Praecipio crafts the ideal combination of best practices and customized configurations, bringing together your existing processes and technology to meet your business needs and connect you with your customers.

Enterprise Service Management
(Delivers Business Value)
IT Service Management
(Responds to Business Needs)
   Knowledge Management
   Knowledge Management
   Request Management
   Request & Change Management
   Customer Intake
   Incident & Problem Management
   Asset Management
   Self-Help Portal
  Configuration Management Database
 Teams Supported:
  • HR
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Talent Acquisition
Teams Supported:
  • IT
  • Development
  • IT Support
  • Engineering
  • QA/Test

Praecipio has the ITSM tool and ITIL process expertise you need to make connections and optimize collaboration with your users, both internal and external. 

Praecipio’s Iterative Approach

The Praecipio approach is unique. We start each engagement with an assessment, but we don't just move from there to finished implementation. Instead, we purposefully include space for refinement and enablement, incorporating learning as we go and ensuring you are comfortable with the end result. This process begins again with each new project, even for what some might consider add-on work, ensuring every solution is designed and engineered to meet your needs.  



At Praecipio we don’t believe in jumping into work without fully understanding the current state of your business tooling and processes, as well as your desired end state. During the Assess phase, industry-leading engineers and architects perform a full discovery to capture your challenges, needs, and next steps. 



During the Design phase, Praecipio uses discoveries from the Assess phase, along with your post-assessment feedback and adjustments, to create a complete design that meets your business needs. These solutions are based on current industry standards, practices, and security requirements. 


With a design in place, we turn loose our collective engineers to build the solution your team imagined. We provide industry-leading proficiency, follow a team approach, deploy to best practices, and work in a collaborative environment to ensure all voices are represented and heard.



Praecipio is an agile company. We know that where you think you want to go in the Assess phase isn't always where you want to be after the initial release. Our Refine phase is a chance for all parties to take a look at what we have learned so far and optimize your configuration to meet your business needs. 


In the Enable phase, your project is technically complete, but our work is not. Complex projects require expert documentation and tailored training packages that enable team members to leverage functionality for their roles. We help ensure adoption by aligning solution usage, support materials, and hands-on training.



We at Praecipio recognize you need to run your business. We can help by ensuring your tools stay up to date and modern. Our Modern Service Management solution offers expert application support and 24/7 support of your tools and environments that can scale to meet your growing and evolving needs.



Protect Your Investment with Modern Service Management

For ongoing technology support for Jira Service Management and other software tools, consider adding Modern Service Management from Praecipio. With a subscription package to fit every need, from just the essentials to residency, we ensure your technology keeps pace with your growing business needs.

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Build Connected Enterprises, One Organization at a Time.

Through a combination of Atlassian, Software, DevOps, and Agile capabilities, Praecipio delivers proven value that goes beyond product expertise. By leveraging the Atlassian platform and our suite of enterprise-level solutions, we create a seamless connection between your people, process, and technology.


Unleash the Full Power of Your Investment

Learn how to maximize your return. Connect your Enterprise Service Management (ESM) teams and outcomes with Praecipio.